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Life Words


In life we’re told,
you can’t be too many things.
That, you have to choose.
This or that.
One thing or the other.

We’re given restrictions.
And limitations.
Forced into boxes.
Begged to fit inside neatly.
So that we make sense.
So that we’re understood.

Because messy things can’t fit into boxes,
so we’re told you can’t be both.
Or many.

But those are lies.

Who you are, is not mutually exclusive.
Your being, your thoughts, your mind,
your body, your spirit, your soul.

You can be.
You can be both.
You can be all.
You can be…

Life Words


There are many women inside me.
A garden.
Rich with many flowers.
Each one in bloom.
Separate. But together they are whole.
Both beautiful and complex.

That grow with reckless abandon.
Taking root wherever they see fit.
In perfect spontaneity.
No intentions or expectations.
Just present for presence sake.

And roses.
Beautiful and delicate.
Armored, so it’s best not to get to close.
Brave ones proceed with caution.
Past the exterior is a softness.
Where you can enjoy them without boundaries.

For nurturing and dependance.
Here simply to serve.
To give the ones they love the things they need.
Without wanting anything in return…
except to be needed and loved.

And weeds.
Hiding in the shadows.
In the spaces that need tending.
Where I’m too nervous to go so I pretend…
Not to see.
But those are the parts that are most free.

The sacred lotus.
Birthed within deep waters.
Exasperatedly requiring a mess in order to grow.
Experiencing many lives.
A spiritual wonder in the midst.
At home in the thick of it all.

And seedlings.
Of flowers unknown.
Whose roots are planted.
And purpose yet to be revealed.
Waiting to flourish,
To join the others in the wild.

Most Sundays I share a letter from my journey with those on my mailing list. WELL SPENT is part things I’ve come across that inspire me, things I think might resonate with you, and a lesson from the journey.