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30 Free (or Super Cheap) Things to Do with Kids this Month in Philly

The boys have been home less than two full weeks and we’ve already went through the “I’m bored” phases as well as the “You will not be playing on your ipad all summer” discussions. I’m still getting the hang of this WAHM during summer vacation thing so for July I wanted to be prepared. My biggest challenge had been finding inexpensive things to do because 1. Three boys and 2. we’re on a budget. I had already compiled a list of resources and sites to find free things to do in the city but sifting through that list everyday made me anxious (what else is new). So in an effort to streamline the anxiety and be the super planner I am, I put together a guide by day of free (or super cheap) kid things to do for the month of July in Philly. And since sharing is caring, here you go! All events are FREE unless a price is listed. Happy July!

Free Things to Do in Philly with Kids

1. Saturday, July 2: Free admission to the National Constitution Center and the Powell House.

2. Sunday, July 3: Historic Philadelphia Block Party from 1 – 8 pm on 5th and 6th Streets between Market and Chestnut.

3. Monday July 4: Party on the Parkway of course from 12 – 10pm on the Ben Franklin Parkway.

4. Tuesday, July 5: LEGO Club at Free Library of Philadelphia 2pm for ages 5 – 15 (Tacony Branch) *check your local branch to see what activities are available throughout the summer.

5. Wednesday, July 6: Please Touch Museum admission only $2 from 4pm – 7pm on the first Wednesday of the month.

6. Thursday, July 7: Spend an afternoon at Franklin Square.

7. Friday, July 8: Group Sculpt at Spruce Street Harbor Park from 5:30 – 7:30 pm. Giant mountains of clay for all? A good time.

8. Saturday, July 9: Summer Festival at Fair Hill from 2 – 7pm. Games, crafts, animal petting, free books and music.

9. Sunday, July 10: PECO Family Jams: Mosaic Medallions at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens from 12 – 4pm. Create your own mini-mosaics and get a tour. Make sure you mention PECO Family Jams!

10. Monday, July 11: Mighty Yoga for Kids ages 8 – 13 at Mighty Writers from 3:30 – 5 pm.

11. Tuesday, July 12: Make Your Own Graphic Novel at Free Library of Philadelphia 1pm for ages 6 -12 (Walnut St. West Branch) *remember to check your local branch to see what’s going on over the summer.

12. Wednesday, July 13: Pay what you want at the Art Museum on Wednesdays after 5pm! Tip: Catch the Creative Africa exhibit.

13. Thursday, July 14: Catch a Screening Under the Stars at Penns Landing – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

14. Friday, July 15: Kidchella at Smith Playground with $10 admission or grab $5 tickets from Philly Fun Guide.

15. Saturday, July 16: Catch the Colonial Quest Puppet Show at 11:30am or 1pm at Carpenter’s Hall

16. Sunday, July 17: Take a family art class at the Pennsylvania Academy for Fine Arts from 2pm – 4pm.

17. Monday, July 18: Spend an afternoon at the Oval, a pop-up park on the Parkway.

18. Tuesday, July 19: Cool off at one of Philly’s Spraygrounds! Find them around the city using this list.

19. Wednesday, July 20: Catch Zootopia at Mifflin Square Park. Starts at dusk.

20. Thursday, July 21: Spend an afternoon at Spruce Street Harbor Park! Food, fun, hammocks, and giant connect four games.

21. Friday, July 22: Tall Trees Playdate at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education from 2 – 3 pm ages 3 and up! Learn about nature, explore, dig, and build. Pre-registeration advised.

22. Saturday, July 23: PECO Multicultural Series: Islamic Heritage Festival and Parade at Penn’s Landing from 2 – 8 pm. Enjoy a market bazaar, free games, giveaways, and entertainment.

23. Sunday, July 24: Learn about the life cycle of Monarch butterflies at Milkweed and Monarch’s at Norristown Farm Park.

24. Monday, July 25: Make something with MakerJawn at various locations around the city from 1 – 4 pm.

25. Tuesday, July 26: Break a world record with Mighty Writers for the most people writing at the same time! Join  over 3,000 Philly kids ages 7 -17 at the Art Museum from 10am – 12 pm. Make sure you sign up!

26. Wednesday, July 27: Visit a playground you’ve never been to. Did you know Philly has over 150 playgrounds?! Here’s an official list of every one.

27. Thursday, July 28: Screening Under the Stars at Penn’s Landing – Star Wars The Force

28. Friday, July 29: Spend an afternoon at Smith Playground. Bring lunch and a donation if you can!

29. Saturday, July 30: Nature Exploration at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education at 10:30 am

30. Sunday, July 31: Franklin Square 10th Birthday celebration starting at 11am. Fun, cake, and activities.

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Festival Season + Making Decisions

Festival Season

A few weeks backs the hubs and I welcomed our official start to festival season here in Philly. I absolutely love this time of year and Philly has no shortage of street fests, music fests, food fests throughout the Spring and Summer. This year we decided to make a point of getting out and about and enjoying our city more and what perfect time to start than attending the South St. Spring Festival.

Festival Season

Packed is an understatement but it was a nice day. We walked the 8 block strip along South St, grabbed some food, ate lunch on the grass at Front St and watched the kids play to their hearts content.

It’s funny because leading up to the time we finally decided to head out to the festival I was fighting this internal struggle. That very same day, the Philadelphia Natural Hair Show was in town and I felt like I should be there. I’m a beauty blogger with natural hair and one that is trying to make this writing thing–both through my blog and freelance work–my main thing so everything in me felt that I should be there. But between working my day job and spending all of my free time working on my dream job, I felt like on the first really nice weekend full of festivals in my city I should spend the day with my loves. It was a tough decision but I’m happy I did what I did!

Festival Season

At the end of the day I feel like you gotta do what’s important and as a mother, wife, who just so happens to be building this dream on the side, sometimes sacrifices have to made. This particular weekend that was no work and all play and I would have had it no other way.

Festival Season

Stay blessed beautiful!



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On My Radar: Dark and Lovely Au Naturale

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Cover

Happy Monday beauties! How gorgeous was this weekend though? Spring is here! It’s festival season, conference season, and simply beautiful so I was out, about, and all over the city taking in all the festivities. Sunday morning I was invited to a blogger brunch hosted by Dark and Lovely at the African American Museum in Philadelphia (only my favorite place in the city!). They were in town for the Philadelphia Natural Hair Show and put together an intimate event for us bloggers to get together, eat some food, and talk about blogging, natural hair, and Dark and Lovely’s Au Naturale product line.

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Event Recap: Pose ‘n Post Symposium with Chrisette Michele

Pose 'n Post Recap

Hey beauties! So about last night. One word. LOVEEE. I say that a lot around here but I’m for real. Last night I had the chance to attend one of the best events so far this year when Chrisette Michele brought her Pose ‘n Post Symposium to Philly with some of my favorite brown beauty girls.  Chrisette Michele AND digital beautie besties?? Brown girl blogger bliss!

Pose N Post Flyer

If you haven’t heard about the Pose ‘n Post Symposium, it’s a workshop touring 8 cities hosted by Chrisette Michele. The purpose of the event was to learn about social media marketing, network, take a few selfies, and meet some new friends. Yes, Yup, Yaaasss.

I’m always down for an event where ambitious and like minded brown girls are coming together and this one did not disappoint. Bloggers, vloggers, creatives, designers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers showed up–dressed to kill daahling–to the W Studios for an intimate event, ready to werk. Chrisette opened the event singing and we were all like YAAAASSS HUNNY. Her voice is amazing and I’ve been a fan of hers since “If I Had My Way”–still a favorite on my playlist–so to see her live was dope! She is so genuinely nice and had us laughing and relating to her on so many levels. As I mentioned this was a very personal setting so we were up close and talking like we were in a room full of girlfriends.


So there was Lover4Fashion, a gorgeous brown girl YouTuber. I’ve been following her Instagram for awhile but her channel is a great resource for beauty and style tips for darker brown girls. Basically if you like my beauty posts, you will LOVE hers! LONG TIME FAVORITE (and when I say long time I mean like years before I was even doing this blogging thing) beauty, YouTuber, and jewelry designer Ambrosia was there looking absolutely flawless in all her minimalist light. Umm so can I say I had a total moment in the ladies room touching up my makeup and Ambrosia happened to be in there too. I turned and basically screamed–sorry Brosiaaa!–and had my fangirl moment. She is such a doll. Go watch her channel like right now and believe me when I say she is exactly like she is on YouTube. And finally, Courtney Adeleye founder of The Mane Choice, a healthy hair product company, who has probably the longest hair I’ve ever seen in my life. I mean her crown was FLOWING Queens. This was my first introduction to Courtney and her products but you already know they are on my list of brown brands to try ASAP.


After we listened to Chrisette (she sang us an extra song…again yaaaaass hunny) we got down to business. From the panel discussion to the extensive Q&A, these ladies went over everything from the best apps to use to edit your pics (Camera360, Facetune, VSCOcam, and PicFX to name a few), to how to remain a peaceful and positive person, to what it really takes to chase your dreams and balance a career at the same time. Here a few takeaways that resonated with me in particular:

  • On growing your following organically: “Always stay true to your personal brand.” ~ Courtney | “Use analytics to find out when and what people are looking at on your page/site” ~ Ambrosia | “Link in bio! Just because {insert big name blogger} says something doesn’t mean you can’t. What works for them might work for you too.” ~ Chrisette Michele
  • On chasing your dreams and balancing a 9-5: “Prioritize. We all wish there were more hours in a day but there aren’t. Burnout is REAL. Prioritize what’s most important for that day and do that.” ~ Fash | “Sometimes your job has to support your DREAM. Do what you have to do to get where you want to be.” ~ Chrisette Michele
  • On being fearless: “The way I face fear is being scared 24/7. And doing it anyway.” ~ Chrisette Michele
  • On being a peaceful and positive person: “Meditation. It changes your life!” ~ Ambrosia
  • And because this was a social media event>>>On how to perfect the selfie: “Do one good natural beat. Get you some natural light, like in front of a window, a few different color shirts, and about six color lipsticks. Put on your first color, get your angles right, take some selfies. Wipe that lipstick off, throw ya hair over the other shoulder, put on new lipstick, take some selfies. Change your shirt, apply new lipstick, take some selfies. Put your hair in a bun, put on new lipstick, take some selfies.” ~ Chrisette Michele | Listen this was too real I was done! You know how much sense this makes?? Here’s to a Saturday full of perfecting an arsenal of selfies!

The whole night was so informative and had actual real life tips and advice that we ALL could relate to. I can’t even tell you how many times I found myself clapping and saying “YESSS girl. I know that’s right!” along with my fellow brown girls. There are still 5 cities left on the tour so if you can grab a ticket you should absolutely go!Pose N Post Group Pic

Stay blessed beautiful!



Tyshia Shante


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A Tribute: Martin Luther King Jr.

untitled (2)

I thought a long time about how to celebrate such a legendary man here. It’s rare that I’m at a loss for words but mother Oprah had me in all types of my feelings after watching her #LegendsWhoPavedTheWay event on OWN last night. Listening to the stories of these men and women at the forefront of a movement that…if it were not for them…I would not have the opportunities available to me today was POWERFUL. I’m STILL picking up my emotions off the floor. What hit home the hardest were the images though. The pictures of the march to Selma. The stories of the bridge on Bloody Sunday. Photos eerily similar to our own current day events. Yes… in 2015.

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Beauty Natural Hair

Favorite Things: Natural Hair Edition

Favorite Things Natural Hair Edition Main

TGIT! I feel like I haven’t talked about my hair here in foreverrr. Truth is, I admire you natural hair bloggers. I put so much time and energy in just getting the fro together… you want me to now blog about how I did it?? It’s not easy. So to my favorite natural hair bloggers, I appreciate you! But because I did start this journey on the blog it’s only right to give you all an update but rather than the normal regimen of what I use, and how I use it (which I will do before the month is over promise!), I thought I’d do a favorite things because I’ve given up on monthly favorites. Oh and there may or may not be a giveaway at the end ;).

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Love in Links


The first Monday of November! And I’m all thrown off lol. Fingers crossed this isn’t the way my month will continue. Between my site not acting right since the change to the second cold and sinus issue in two months…I’m just like, can I catch a break though? Le sigh. Anyways better late than never right? Leaving you with a few good links from the past month.

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Spiritual Sunday: Pray in Your Own Way

Spiritual Sunday_Pray in Your Own Wasy

Happy Super Soul Sunday beauties!Growing up and even in my early adult years, I always had this rigid view of prayer. Kneeling, head bowed, hands closed together, speaking words to God. I pray this way on most days. I think there’s something powerful about coming to Him in the most traditional way. I also am a firm believer in speaking things into existence so I really do feel there is power in your words to Him. As I got older though, I felt there was something missing yet I could never quite put my finger on what it was.

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Happy Halloween: Makeup Muses

Happy Halloween

Every year I tell myself I’m going to I’m going to do one of those really dramatic and totally creepy makeup looks for Halloween. Last year I even went as far as to pick up face paint and accessories. Welp. I have yet to do one. I’m just too busy trying to make sure Captain America has his mask and getting the right TMNT costume because I still don’t know which color Raphael is. I’m kidding. Red…he’s the red one…right? Mommy life. Continue Reading