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The Dream Work

The Dream Work

I’ve always wanted my writing to help, inspire, empower, or uplift my people. Especially black women. From my creative endeavors–like this blog–to my freelance work, to volunteering in my community, it’s why the majority of my clients are black women entrepreneurs. This was intentional for me from the moment I started to build my career (and blog) and although it’s been a slow and steady grind, it has been worth every moment.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve partnered with a black owned marketing agency, interviewed a black woman entrepreneur that I admire, and joined a team of black women as a wellness writer for a beauty brand. Not to mention my ongoing work as a content strategist and manager for two really dope black woman centered platforms.

I’m literally doing the dream work.

Also, in the past couple weeks, I learned that talking more about how I got here, can help people who are working to do the same. As much as I am about celebrating all victories, I am notorious for downplaying my own when I think about the world of creative people doing so many dope things. It feels like mine are too small to share, so most times I don’t. But, after helping someone discover their path by simply explaining what I’ve learned and what I did, I understand that sharing is really a way to continue that dream work on another layer.

I wish I could tell you some deep, detailed plan to do the work you dream of doing but, that’s not a formula I’ve mastered. Here’s what I do know though:

Think about what it is that you really want to do. I think one of the biggest obstacles to living the lives that we want is that many times, people don’t actually know. I know I didn’t for a long time. And I have moments where I still don’t. There are a lot of reasons for this. Social media being a big one. Too often we associate what “our faves” are doing to what we want to do. Like, if you see that one person drinking mimosas and traveling every weekend for conferences and now you want to as well. Except you don’t even like mimosas or traveling without your family…that’s a disconnect. It’s tough to fight through the noise and work on being still but, it’s essential.

Concentrate on doing more of what you love and less of the rest. I am a mother and I have bills. Not all of my work is sunshine and unicorns, but the majority of it is stuff I truly enjoy. And I’m constantly working on getting as close to “all” as I can. I make a conscious effort to work with companies and businesses in my freelance work that align with my values. And all of my creative endeavors come from a place deep in my heart. Sometimes this comes with a bit of a sacrifice. That dream client might not exactly pay what you’d like but that’s where being really clear on what it is that you want comes into play. You’ll know your boundaries. And also, doing more of what you love attracts more of what you love.

Understand there’s no right way or one way to do things. This is a biggie. For me personally, I’m in an industry where there are a million and one “gurus” and “coaches” that want to tell you that things are this way and this way only and this is how you do it. Except no. That’s not true. If I believed that for even a minute, I’d be still working my job in corporate America right now instead of writing this while my son is running around waiting for us to go outside. You have a unique vision for your life so your path will be unique. Take what you need from people giving advice–even me, shit especially me because I’m still figuring it out–and keep it moving.

Write the vision and keep writing it. Over and over. Allow it to change and grow. Document what you’ve accomplished. Reflect back on what it took to get there. There’s so much to be said about this. I’ve been journaling consistently–leaving that open to interpretation–since 2015 and when I look back at the goals I wrote down then, the things I was learning, the work I was putting it…it’s kind of wild. There are things that are happening now that are exactly what I wrote, two years ago. Not only is writing a spiritual practice (see Habbakuk 2:2) but it’s also an accountability practice. I’m all over the place, all the time, and referencing my writing is centering. It gets me back on track and my head back in the game. Every time.

Practice gratitude daily. Hourly. All day. You are here, you are taking steps, you are breathing, you are living. You are earning, you are learning, you are setting examples. You are loving, you are growing, you are shining. You are blessed, you are loved. That’s the dream life, that’s the dream work. You have got to practice gratitude for all that you have. Major key.

Go forth and do your dream work love. ~xoxo

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Beauty Boss Things

Totally off topic but, does anyone else go through this weird thing where you carve out this special piece of the day to finally find time to write only to find you don’t have anything to write about? It’s the strangest thing ever. I spend all my busy hours writing blog posts in my head and jotting down notes in my Evernote app. And then when I finally get the time, space, and quiet to write…nothing. Oh creativity…

I haven’t posted much in the last couple weeks. Life and what not. To ease back into things I thought I’d share a peek into what I’ve been up to. I’ve been spending my working days juggling my two passions: writing and building a eco luxe beauty brand. Each one serves a specific purpose and each one fills me in a different way. I have long thought about how I could possibly continue on this path with my hands, mind, and heart in two different places when it comes to my career/work. Spent too many hours pondering it and will be spending my time from now on just doing it. I hate labels, but I sometimes feel strange for not having one. I’m just not a label kinda girl. But the world has this funny way of making you feel invalid when you don’t have one. Screw that though.

Y’all already know I am the Queen of long introductions. I will forever take the long way to get to a point. So here goes. A day in my life when I’m not blogging or writing :).

Beauty Boss Things

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The Journey to Here…

Belle Marron

In my September goals post I said that I wanted to launch my natural beauty website. I didn’t exactly get it done by the end of September but…better late than never. Belle Marron is officially live. I know my posts about what I’ve been up to have been vague. Part still figuring it out, part nervous, part excited. But, now that we’re here…I wanted to share the deets. The journey to here.

You know you’ve come across something you just gotta pursue when the feeling doesn’t go away. Not after a couple days, not after a few months, not after a few YEARS. When it’s still there, lingering, through life changes, career changes, family changes, interest changes…you just gotta go for it.

With Belle Marron, that’s exactly what happened. It started as beauty blog. With that came knowledge. Knowledge about an industry I was passionate about but…that I quickly came to find, wasn’t at all passionate about me: A darkskinned, black woman. And then, my Creator placed a dream on my heart. I fought it though. I loved beauty. I loved business. I had always wanted to “do my own thing”. But owning, creating, a cosmetics company? That was too big for me. That wasn’t my dream. But it was His.

It lingered. It was there through my pregnancy with my now almost 4 year old. It was there when I made some “interesting” choices. It was there when I quit my job. It was there when I thought I wanted to do something completely different. It was always there.

The truth is, Belle Marron was always bigger than me. And as I journey through this whole process that’s becoming more and more clear. I was given a vision for a beauty brand that was unapologetically designed for women of color. That was what I saw. That’s what I see. I see an industry where black women are typically excluded or afterthoughts. I see an industry where we care — more than any other demographic if we’re talking numbers — but for some reason are forgotten. I see a lot of people trying, but not enough getting it right.

I spent the last few years trying. I was experimenting, stopping, almost quitting, trying again. I found a business partner in a friend I met over 10 years ago my freshman year of college. We worked. We changed directions. We got clear on the brand and what we wanted to accomplish. We kept going. We hit delays, snags, bumps along the way. We spent way more money than we anticipated. We spent weekends trying to get it right.

And now we’re Here. Less than two weeks away from the day our products will be available for presale. A manifestation of a dream. It’s wild. It’s scary. It’s exciting. It’s here.


Mompreneur Motherhood

How a Shorter To Do List Has Increased My Productivity

Shorter to Do List for Productivity

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was great. I know they’re never long enough and and if you’re living that Boss Mom life, what are weekends anyway?  I also hope you’re ready for a fantastic and productive week and hopefully this post can help a little with that. This week, I wanted to pick back up on my Getting Things Done series (if you haven’t read part 1, make sure you go back and read that). In the first post I talked about themed days and how busy women juggling multiple projects, jobs, and kids can use this technique to stay focused and get things done. Today, I want to discuss how doing something that actually seems less productive is the number one way I’ve been able increase my productivity. I make a shorter to do list. Mind. Blown.

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Mompreneur Motherhood

Getting Things Done: Themed Days

Themed Days

When I first started this work at home mom journey I was a mess. I don’t know why I had this cotton candy and rainbow sprinkles idea of how easy life would be once I cut out the long commute, stopped rushing to pick ups and drop offs like a crazy person, and had “unlimited amounts” of time to get things done. Dreamland for real. What actually happened is I became busier than I have ever been in my life. If I thought life was hectic before it was NOTHING compared to what it looked like those first couple of weeks. I might have dropped out the race before it even really got started had it not been for the grace of God and the ladies in my mastermind group. Since then, I’ve figured out a system that helps me stay somewhat “balanced”, less anxious, less all over the place, and able to get things done. It’s pretty simple but for a girl with a lot on her plate and a low tolerance for overwhelm, this system has changed the game. I wanted to share the things that have helped so I thought I’d start a series on simply “Getting Things Done”. First up: Themed Days.  Continue Reading

My Outfits Style

Denim on Denim + Instagram Husbands

Denim on Denim

Some days, no matter how hard I try to get a hold of my schedule…it gets away from me. This past weekend was one of those days. I previously made plans to go a beauty expo with my business partner, totally missing the fact that the Mr. had a game the same day. The day of the event shows up when my trusty Google reminder let me know that right in the middle of the expo…hubs has to leave for work. Gahhh. Of course, undermining my own good judgement I decided I could leave early, hit the expo for a few hours, and be back home in plenty of time. I’ll just let you guys figure out how that went. But not all was lost. I took advantage of a cute outfit and natural daylight to catch some cute outfit pics. Denim on Denim for the win and shoutout to Instagram husband for the photo cred ;).
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Health + Wellness Life

5 Ways to Practice Self-Care When Life Gets Busy

self-care coverSelf what? If anyone understands the “where do I make time for self-care struggle” it’s me. Between chasing after ManMan (my 3 yr old), cramming in time blocks of work between nap time and turn up time, volunteering at my older boys school, homework and extracurriculars, dinner and keeping up with the hubs hectic schedule…you see Mama is last on the list. But, although my daily lifestyle would suggest otherwise, self-care is ESSENTIAL for any of these things to get done. If I’m not taking the time to care for me, I genuinely can not care for the ones in my life that need me the most. My family. After battling with anxiety, sheer overwhelm, and consistently feeling like the hot mess mom in this BuzzFeed video, I knew I needed to get real serious about taking time for self-care so that I could be a better mother, wife, and me .  Continue Reading