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Brown Beauty Crush: Janelle Monae

Brown Beauty Crush_Janelle Monae

Whenever I see this gorgeous lady I just…* insert a ridiculous amount of heart eyed emoji’s* From her hair, to her confidence, to that Fabulous red lipstick (Ruby Woo maybe?). I just love her style and how unapologetic she is about simply being her.

Brown Beauty Crush_Janelle Monae

*interview excerpt via*

I’ll just leave that here with you all :).

Stay blessed beautiful!




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Beyond Beauty: Self Love…

If you’ve been following the blog for some time you may have come across my Love Yourself Completely post. I’ve posted it twice here and both times I was met with such love and encouragement from Queens (here and on my social media accounts) about the message. In that post I talk about loving yourself completely and embracing everything about you. Total self acceptance. “Flaws” and all. I also talked about the things I experienced in my past that I learned to embrace and accept about myself. That transparency with you all was major for me. I’ve never really spoke out on something so personal. Writing about beauty is easy. It comes naturally to me and it’s something I’m passionate about. But what’s not so easy is being transparent and I was really happy to see such positive feedback.

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