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The Journey to Here…

Belle Marron

In my September goals post I said that I wanted to launch my natural beauty website. I didn’t exactly get it done by the end of September but…better late than never. Belle Marron is officially live. I know my posts about what I’ve been up to have been vague. Part still figuring it out, part nervous, part excited. But, now that we’re here…I wanted to share the deets. The journey to here.

You know you’ve come across something you just gotta pursue when the feeling doesn’t go away. Not after a couple days, not after a few months, not after a few YEARS. When it’s still there, lingering, through life changes, career changes, family changes, interest changes…you just gotta go for it.

With Belle Marron, that’s exactly what happened. It started as beauty blog. With that came knowledge. Knowledge about an industry I was passionate about but…that I quickly came to find, wasn’t at all passionate about me: A darkskinned, black woman. And then, my Creator placed a dream on my heart. I fought it though. I loved beauty. I loved business. I had always wanted to “do my own thing”. But owning, creating, a cosmetics company? That was too big for me. That wasn’t my dream. But it was His.

It lingered. It was there through my pregnancy with my now almost 4 year old. It was there when I made some “interesting” choices. It was there when I quit my job. It was there when I thought I wanted to do something completely different. It was always there.

The truth is, Belle Marron was always bigger than me. And as I journey through this whole process that’s becoming more and more clear. I was given a vision for a beauty brand that was unapologetically designed for women of color. That was what I saw. That’s what I see. I see an industry where black women are typically excluded or afterthoughts. I see an industry where we care — more than any other demographic if we’re talking numbers — but for some reason are forgotten. I see a lot of people trying, but not enough getting it right.

I spent the last few years trying. I was experimenting, stopping, almost quitting, trying again. I found a business partner in a friend I met over 10 years ago my freshman year of college. We worked. We changed directions. We got clear on the brand and what we wanted to accomplish. We kept going. We hit delays, snags, bumps along the way. We spent way more money than we anticipated. We spent weekends trying to get it right.

And now we’re Here. Less than two weeks away from the day our products will be available for presale. A manifestation of a dream. It’s wild. It’s scary. It’s exciting. It’s here.