• Whoever You Are

    Whoever You Are, Just Be That

    “For a long time I defined myself by what I wasn’t. Which constantly set me up for failure and disappointment. My life changed when I focused on what I was, what…

  • Newsletters

    Newsletters I’m Loving Right Now

    Can I tell y’all how excited I am to have finally launched my newsletter?! I’ve only been blogging here since 2013 rolling eye emoji. But, better late than never they say.…

  • Considering Homeschool

    Considering Homeschool

    I’ve been thinking about homeschool since we moved to the city. Coming from a suburban district into a financially strapped urban district has been quite the experience. I have gone through…

  • Life

    What Do You Want to Be Known For?

    Every so often (read as every other day) I have these moments where I wonder what I’m supposed to be doing in life. It’s funny really, when I think about it.…

  • Minimalism

    Thoughts On: Minimalism

    I’ve been thinking a lot about minimalism lately. It honestly all came about during a ridiculous laundry session where I realized that every, single, person in this house has way too…

  • Vegan-ish


    Based off of the number of texts I been receiving and questions about my food choices, it’s safe to say What the Health has a lot of people rethinking their entire…

  • Currently


    Hey friends. It’s been a little bit. Last time I checked in, I was writing from the other side of 30. There were plans for a birthday post but, I think…

  • Life


    It all stems from her desire for acceptance. Because she’s never been good at expressing what’s inside, outside. And so, she felt perpetually misunderstood. And to be honest, what she saw…

  • The Dream Work

    The Dream Work

    I’ve always wanted my writing to help, inspire, empower, or uplift my people. Especially black women. From my creative endeavors–like this blog–to my freelance work, to volunteering in my community, it’s…

  • Carefree Summer
    Life Motherhood

    Carefree Summer ’17

    The summer solstice is upon us, summer break has arrived for my boys, and I have absolutely nothing planned for this entire summer. I’m affectionately dubbing this #ourcarefreesummer and will be…

  • Wardrobe Essentials

    On My Radar: Wardrobe Essentials

    Every season I start to feel that familiar pull that makes me think about downsizing my closet. I’ve thought about building a capsule more times than I can count but I’ve…

  • Perspective


    The only difference between a flower and a weed is a judgement. ~ Wayne Dyer As much as I am a coffee girl at heart, there’s something about those teacup messages,…

  • A Hair Journey

    A Hair Journey

    Hair…is an interesting thing. For so many years, I feel like my hair was just…a thing in the background. You know, like, aside from maintaining it, I never put too much…

  • Wandering or Lost

    Am Writing

    Not all who wander are lost. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien No matter how hard I try, I’m just not good at wandering. I wish I was though because I’m almost certain that…