• Brown Girl Green Beauty
    Beauty + Style

    Brown Girl, Green Beauty

    When I first started beauty blogging, I was so passionate about it because I felt that black women were–and still are–underrepresented in this space. I wanted to help brown girls find…

  • 31 Empowering Self Affirmations

    31 Empowering Self Affirmations

    I don’t want to sound redundant but I have to be real with y’all when I say that 29 has really been a transformative year for me. Or at least, it…

  • Natural Skin Care
    Beauty + Style

    My Natural Skin Care Routine

    Beauty blogging whaatt?! Yaasss. Can y’all tell I’m excited to share some beauty stuff? It’s been awhile and I have sooo much to talk about when it comes to my first…

  • New Things

    New Things in Old Places

    Hey Queens. I’m still getting my groove back when it comes to blogging again, but I wanted to share more about what you can expect and the direction this space will…

  • Tyshia Shante

    Love Thyself + Trust the Process

    I have to say my 29th year of life has been the most transformative thus far. I mean, aside from the arbitrary ideas that come along with 30 steadily approaching–feelings of…

  • A Goal without a Plan

    Let’s Talk about It

    Peeks in…is this thing on? Hey hey Queens. So…shall we address the elephant in the room? Where have I been??? It’s a long story and I’ve been procrastinating for awhile but…

  • The Year of Consistency

    The Year of Consistency

    As 2016 was coming to end, I started to think about what my focus word for the new year would be. I’ve been practicing using a focus word since 2015 when…

  • Black Santa

    Representation Matters…or Black Santa

    A few days ago we were driving through my dream neighborhood. A diverse suburb right outside of Philadelphia. I won’t mention the name but just know, it’s on the vision board…

  • A Quick Note

    A Quick Note

    Hey friends. You know that moment when you realize the thing that you thought you got over, you didn’t? Yea. So that was me. My last post, I really thought I…

  • Forward, Always

    Forward, Always

    Who else is dreaming of binge watching Netflix with a glass of wine and ice cream for the next 4 years weekend? Yea, me too. Hey, I didn’t say I was…

  • So...What Now

    So…What Now?

    Peeks out from under the covers Okay okay okay. I know I was supposed to post yesterday. But y’all, for the sake of my sanity I had to take a mental…

  • superwoman

    The Superwoman Complex

    What day are we on? Oh yea, day 8. Yesterday’s post was full of bright spirits and happiness. I’d like to warn you that there’s none of that here. It got…

  • Permission

    Giving Myself Permission

    I bought Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic a couple months ago. Remember that “In Between” space I was in? Yea, I picked it up then. From what I’d heard about it so…

  • The One Thing

    The One Thing

    As the holiday season comes upon us, I’ve already lowkey found myself starting to think about all the things. Will I be hosting Thanksgiving dinner or just keeping it small with…

  • White Pumpkins

    Day 5: Pushing Through

    Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with white pumpkins. I had every intention of sharing a recipe post today. Cheesesteak sliders. They might be the only Facebook recipe I’ve gotten…