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Summer Style: Chic Bathing Suits by Brown Girl Designers

Chic Bathing Suits

Because ya girl doesn’t really do the bikini thing, I’m forever on the look out for bathing suits that not only give a little coverage but actually look cute as well. Last summer finding high waisted bikini and chic one pieces was a challenge but I found a few cute ones so I was a happy mama. This year, the search was on again but I just knew there had to be some brown girl designers that had exactly what I was looking for so I hit the gram and twitter and found a couple superrrr dope bathing suits that will be taking all my coins this summer. All of em.



Andrea Iyamah_Tapiwa

How freaking cute is this high waist two piece by Andrea Iyamah. Besides the pattern just being just my style, the design provides a nice amount of coverage for someone like me. I don’t know too much about the brand but what I gather from the website it’s “ethnic with a modern twist”. Their Instagram is full of brown beach girl visual inspiration. It’s love!


Zubaida Zang_Hadiya Monokini

I mean if you’re going to do a one piece this is the way to do it. This monokini by Zubaida Zang is Simple. Chic. Everything. I actually had trouble picking just one piece from this brands collection because every piece on their site is just gorgeous! But realistically for me, this is definitely something I’d rock. Oh and of course, get into their Instagram as well. Summer inspiration all day.

What kind of bathing suits will you be rocking this summer?

Stay blessed beautiful!



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These Brown Girls WERKED the Met Gala Red Carpet

So about the Met Gala last night. All I can say is the melanin was flourishing–that’s officially my theme for Spring/Summer 2015–and the brown girls came to slay! Whether you’re into this kind of thing or not, if you were on social media at any point yesterday evening you would have saw the red carpet pics flooding your timeline. And you can’t tell me you didn’t see all my bae’s killing it. The theme this year was China: Through the Looking Glass and here are just a few of my favorites. In no particul–I’m lying. Bow down for the Queen first…and then the rest in no particular order ;).

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Love in Links: February

Love in Links_February

Month flew by. Blinked and you might have missed. I think I’m just going to stop even referring to how fast every month is flying by in my love in links post and monthly updates because… that is life now. We should embrace it. And hey… we’re one month closer to Spring. I need it to arrive. BADLY. So I’m not sad at all to come out on the other side of this weekend in March. Leaving you all with a few great links to take you through the weekend! Continue Reading

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Valentine’s Day Style Inspiration

Hey beauties! Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and while I don’t go all out for this holiday like I do others, I never turn down a chance to get dressed up. How cute is it that it falls on a Saturday this year so I don’t even have to worry about workplace appropriate attire. Not that I was planning on dressing up as a video vixen but… you know ;). Anyway regardless of your plans it’s Valentine’s Day so let’s get cute! Here are some ideas for a perfect Vday outfit.

Valentines Day Style: Black Lace + Gold Sequins

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Dope Brown Brand: The Wrap Life

The Wrap Life

For those of you who know me, either via the blog, in real life, or on the gram…you know my love affair with head wraps is real. Transitioning, they saved me from going crazy! And now fully natural, many a days come around that my fro is just too much to handle and again, head wraps save the day. But besides just being my go to hair accessory for bad, busy, lazy difficult hair days, nothing sets my afrocentric minimalist chic style (is that even a thing?) off like a head wrap. I came across this dope brand on Instagram (where else??) and fell in love. Not only with the wraps which are gorgeous, but the whole vibe of the brand. Just my type!

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Brown Beauty Crush: Janelle Monae

Brown Beauty Crush_Janelle Monae

Whenever I see this gorgeous lady I just…* insert a ridiculous amount of heart eyed emoji’s* From her hair, to her confidence, to that Fabulous red lipstick (Ruby Woo maybe?). I just love her style and how unapologetic she is about simply being her.

Brown Beauty Crush_Janelle Monae

*interview excerpt via*

I’ll just leave that here with you all :).

Stay blessed beautiful!




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Style Buzz: Solange x Puma Second Collection

Solange x Puma

So y’all remember the… interesting…sneaker collab Solange did with Puma some time back right? Well if you don’t, Google it. No shade. No shade. I just was not a fan. And that’s saying something because I LOVE me some Solange hunny. What I couldn’t deny though is my girl is an artist. And her creativity in the ad campaign was so ON POINT. She gets it. So naturally when I heard her new collection was dropping today, I had to check out the footwear… and also get a glimpse of all creativity I knew she would bring.

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Style Files: Fall Wish List

Fall Style Wish List 2014

As excited as I am about it being Fall, sadly my wardrobe was BARELY ready for the chilly 50 degree weather that hit Philly last week. Where does the time go? I really thought I had a little longer to get my Fall wardrobe together but…no. Over the weekend I did some very light shopping to pick up some staples but there are of course there are items that I haven’t gotten yet. Not exactly staples but definitely closet essentials. I’ve already put a few things on my Nordstrom wish list, you know, just in case the Mr. is feeling generous again!

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Love in Links

Love Links Autumn

Hey beauties! Happy Friday! It’s the first weekend of Fall and I’ve been having all pumpkin spice everything for the past couple of weeks so I’m more than ready. I like to be prepared for these sort of things ;). Last weekend was super busy for me attending work events in the city and tending to the crew. A mothers job is nevaaa done. This weekend I intend to chill and catch up on blog things. Leaving you all with a few good links.

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Dream Day Style + Loverly dream day

I have a confession to make. I got married…and I didn’t wear white. There it is! Two years ago, this younger (and less financially equipped lol) girl eloped with a very small intimate ceremony on a snowy morning in February…in a red dress. And I wouldn’t change it for the world! But let’s be honest, every girl wants a dream wedding so we’ve always planned that on our 10 year anniversary we would renew our vows and plan the wedding of my dreams. For all things wedding, starting out with is a must. It’s the one stop shop for brides with everything from wedding dresses, accessories, and even makeup! So when I got the chance to plan my dream day with, I was so excited to bring some of my visions to the blog.

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