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How a Shorter To Do List Has Increased My Productivity

Shorter to Do List for Productivity

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was great. I know they’re never long enough and and if you’re living that Boss Mom life, what are weekends anyway?  I also hope you’re ready for a fantastic and productive week and hopefully this post can help a little with that. This week, I wanted to pick back up on my Getting Things Done series (if you haven’t read part 1, make sure you go back and read that). In the first post I talked about themed days and how busy women juggling multiple projects, jobs, and kids can use this technique to stay focused and get things done. Today, I want to discuss how doing something that actually seems less productive is the number one way I’ve been able increase my productivity. I make a shorter to do list. Mind. Blown.

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Mompreneur Motherhood

Figuring it Out

Styled Her Life

What if…having it all figured out is just a temporary moment in time. What if the whole idea of arriving to this point where you’ve “figured it out” is really just point on a much longer path. A part of a much bigger picture? “I think I’ve figured it out and realize I have no clue what’s happening at least 2 – 3 times a week.” I tweeted this a few days ago after going through the normal roller coaster of life that is intensified by a million when you’re self-employed. But it’s true. I continuously reach these points where I’m like YASSS this is it. I know exactly what I’m going to do! This will be great. I’ve figured it out! Only to wind up a few days later like “so what exactly am I doing out here?” Continue Reading

Mompreneur Motherhood

Getting Things Done: Themed Days

Themed Days

When I first started this work at home mom journey I was a mess. I don’t know why I had this cotton candy and rainbow sprinkles idea of how easy life would be once I cut out the long commute, stopped rushing to pick ups and drop offs like a crazy person, and had “unlimited amounts” of time to get things done. Dreamland for real. What actually happened is I became busier than I have ever been in my life. If I thought life was hectic before it was NOTHING compared to what it looked like those first couple of weeks. I might have dropped out the race before it even really got started had it not been for the grace of God and the ladies in my mastermind group. Since then, I’ve figured out a system that helps me stay somewhat “balanced”, less anxious, less all over the place, and able to get things done. It’s pretty simple but for a girl with a lot on her plate and a low tolerance for overwhelm, this system has changed the game. I wanted to share the things that have helped so I thought I’d start a series on simply “Getting Things Done”. First up: Themed Days.  Continue Reading