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Can we talk about the work? The process of opening, examining, unraveling, and becoming. The work that most of us (if you read and resonate with my words) are in the midst of exploring. The work that is essential for us to discover ourselves and be free.

In these spaces, overflowing with the perfectly curated aesthetics, minimalist self-care quotes, sunflowers and bunches of sage…it’s easy to overlook the truth that this journey isn’t only full of love and light. And while those are some of the best parts, the easily instagrammable moments, the pretty ones that look and feel good, they are only but a part of the process.

I’m nervous that it isn’t pretty. That the edges aren’t clean and neat. And the corners are filled with too much. That I’ll never be the “carefree black girl” aesthetic and there is no filter to blur the mess. That, as hard as I try to make it look nice, it’s wild and it’s rough. ~ from my post Writing Like Nobody is Reading

The work? The going within, unlearning, rethinking, taking off the mask…It isn’t clean and neat. It isn’t pretty. It’s very much so wild and rough. It’s messy and confusing. It can be isolating and lonely. It’s full of dark spaces, rusty edges, and forgotten corners. And while those are some of the hard parts, the ones we don’t share for the world to see, the moments that feel uncomfortable the most…they are a valid part of the process.

On this journey, I’m learning that the things about myself I thought would work against me– the wildness, the emotions, the sensitivities, the messiness–are a part of my purpose. I have felt isolated from wellness spaces because my healing isn’t cute. Y’all read my posts, y’all know I go deep, and get dirty, and sometimes have to pull back because it’s too much. But that’s my journey to share. That’s part of my story.

So for the women who feel more dark than light during this current season, understand how necessary it is to lean into all of the moments. To embrace the shadows alongside the rays of light. To do the work, to love and spread light, and to explore dark spaces in between. ~ xoxo

Most Sundays I share a letter from my journey with those on my email list. WELL SPENT is part things I’ve come across that inspire me, things I think might resonate with you, and a lesson from the journey.

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