What’s for You, is for You

What's for You, is for You
Sometimes, I get overwhelmed. But by the good things. All the dope people. All the things they are creating. All the stories. All the knowledge. All the lessons and awakenings. All the opportunities. I guess that’s what happens when you live in a hyperconnected world. With all the access in the palm of our hands. All the time. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming.

I’ve been going through a cleanse of sorts. Not because I don’t want see the good things, but because it’s beginning to feel like a lot. I notice myself beginning to feel like I never have enough time or capacity to take in all the things. I was following everyone, reading everything, taking moments to bookmark and organize and subscribe. Not wanting to miss one glorious moment, tweet, story, person that would resonate with me. But there came a point where, I had to let go. Unfollow some of the people, step back from endless feeds, unsubscribe from the newsletters, opt out of the matrix. Letting go of the excess, holding onto the sacred. An exercise in taking what I need and leaving the rest.

At first it made me feel anxious. Like I might miss something. A conference that’s perfect, a conversation I just need to be a part of, a podcast I have to listen to, a person that will change my life. But then I realized that, what’s meant for me, is for me. The people I’m meant to connect with, the opportunities I’m meant to consider, the stories I’m meant to hear, the lessons I’m meant to learn. If they are for me, there is nothing that can deter me from receiving them.

This journey of discovery and understanding is most interesting. And oftentimes intense. It’s one of seasons and honoring them as I go is part of the process. I appreciate the seasons of gathering. Of absorbing as much as I possibly can to help me understand myself and my thoughts. As I move into a season of slowing down, savoring the knowledge, taking time to understand it, and giving myself room to grow in it, I’m thankful just as well. What’s for you, is for you. A daily reminder, for you and for me. ~xoxo

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    Disa Chantel
    February 2, 2018 at 12:31 pm

    I find myself going through periods of unfollowing and re-following different people on different platforms. Depending on the/my season, creative needs, mood, i’ll be interested in seeing different kinds of content. Blog follows tend to stay constant, though. And it’s been curating whittling my follow list down as a means of “opting out” of everyones world, too. (half the time they’re just selling us something anyways these days.)

    All said, I completely agree: what’s for you is for you. That’s a mantra I’ve held close for years, especially with the ups and downs of careers, relationships, financial stability and the like.

    Lovely post! Xx

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