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The Unexpected Thing

The Unexpected Thing
Create without expectations. That was my intention. So honestly, anything that comes out of this year should be unexpected. But this, I was honestly, truly not expecting.

I guess, in a moment of truth, both with you and myself… “without expectation” may have been a bit, ambitious. Or at the very least, a half truth. Deep down, subconsciously, I did have some expectations. I expected to create things. I expected to love them. I guess somewhere I expected to create something that would eventually lead me towards my ultimate dream of creativity and financial sustainment. Or least give me a clear path to that thing. A path where I was neither a starving artist or doing empty work to pay the bills. So somewhere, in the midst of creating without expectations, there were a few.

The good news is, creating without them was/is my true intention which has allowed my mind space to be free. Space for good things to happen. Space for the unexpected.

The more I’ve been creating, the more I’ve been feeling free. Launching my podcast has been so liberating. I’m finally feeling Instagram again now that I’ve taken the pressure off myself. No more constantly feeling like I have to share share share. What I do post, is thoughtful and intentional. Not for brand recognition or a million followers but for the purpose of documenting the beauty of this journey. This blog, this blog! I’ve loved creating from a space where I’m not worried about pageviews (though I still check them from time to time, transparency friends) and solely on sharing my life for those who care to read. Besides, no amount of pageviews gives a feeling quite like seeing someone sign up for my very modest newsletter list. But, people are, which means I’m connecting and that’s why I do this.

My creativity has been free in a way I’ve never experienced before. And though, I’ve had my expectations of creating without them tucked deep inside my conscious, this surpasses them all.

So here’s to more creating. To less expectations. And to welcoming the unexpected good. ~xoxo

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    Rae B
    January 25, 2018 at 1:19 am

    I was speaking with a friend recently about how I was ready to retire my blog. I’ve been blogging since I was around 13 years old when greymatter was the go-to blogging system and then livejournal became all the rage. In conversation, I mentioned how blogging has experienced a MAJOR shift and it just wasn’t the same anymore. And then there’s you — and there’s others just like you who still hold true to the art of storytelling and sharing and every single post isn’t a sponsored post or a review about some kind of product. (Although I’m totally here for the bloggers who have created a fair medium between the two.)

    I’m a new reader to your blog and I’m not sure how I found you. But I’m definitely glad that I have. (:

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      Tyshia Ingram
      January 31, 2018 at 9:43 am

      I appreciate your words more than you know. I’ve also felt the same feelings. Everything is so commercialized and curated these days. I look at so many bloggers that are “making it” and I’m just like…that’s not what I want this space to be. That’s not me. It can be discouraging but I’ve been focusing on just telling my story the best way I know how and believing that it will connect with the right people. And if not, I still feel really good about what I’m putting out. That’s actually what drew me to YOUR blog as well. I saw you comment on another blogger that I enjoy and your writing was a breath of fresh air <3. I'm thankful for you, your kind words, and other bloggers in this space like us. Glad we found each other 🙂

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        Rae B
        February 4, 2018 at 8:56 am


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