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I Want I Am
Language has meaning and language has power. And there’s something really powerful about the statement “I Am”. When starting a meditation practice, whatever (or whoever) you study, one of the first mantras that is introduced is OM. It means “I Am”. In the Bible, when Moses asks God’s name, He replies “I Am”. When we’re making affirmations and speaking things into existence, we start each one with “I Am.”

When I first began to explore this idea, how the language we use and how it can affect how we move and act, I started to understand the importance of using “I Am” when talking about the things I “want”.

Am: first person, singular tense of be.

“Be” has many definitions: to equal in meaning, to have identity, to belong to, to have an objective existence, to have maintain or occupy a space, place, or situation. Be is definitive. It just is.

Which made me think about how so many of us spend so much time wanting to be, instead of just being.

As we’re still riding the high of the new year and its possibilities. As we’re working on resolutions, goals, and things we want to do in 2018 (because I’m journeying with you all), let’s change our language. Let’s not want (to have or feel need, to desire). Let’s Be.

I am. ~ xoxo

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