Soulful Spaces: Home

Soul Spaces: Home
It’s funny how creativity works. It’s magical, of course, the way it can manifest in a person. How it shows up in many forms, unique to the individual. For some it’s visuals, others it’s words. And others still it’s art, music, or design. For some unicorns it shows up as all of the above. And for others, one area can can be full of beautiful creativity and another completely absent of it. The last one is me with writing and interior design. I can tell and create these stories that conjure up beautiful images…But translating that same creativity when it comes to actual beauty in my home is next to impossible.

Home. I’ve been thinking about that for awhile. Because our house doesn’t really feel like a home to me. It doesn’t tell our story. It’s not full of warmth. There aren’t any pieces of our lives, memories, or experiences. It doesn’t feel lived in. Doesn’t feel loved.

And for a homebody like me, where home is my sanctuary and sacred space…the disconnect is becoming harder to ignore.

In thinking about how to transform our house into the a home, I have to take a real intentional approach. Because this is not something that comes naturally to me, but it’s something that’s important. I used to approach design the way the professionals do. With labels. Which, if we’re being honest, makes no sense because I’m a person who despises labels. And so it never worked. I could never really see it. But, since I’m much better with words than I am with design, I figured I’d start there. Instead of what style I wanted our home to look like, I asked myself what words come to mind when I think about what I want our home to feel like?

I want our home to embody: Love, Warmth, Soul & Life.

The Colors | I see wood, earth tones against soft white walls. Leafy greens, earthy browns, burnt oranges, and subtle yellow. The occasional pop of color where least expected.

The Details | I see family photos with VSCO A5 vibes. I see plants and lots of them. Soft textures, textiles, and open space. And places for creating, learning, and living.

The Vibe | I see lots of natural light (I’m thankful) and pieces of our life. Travel memoirs and coffee table books for the culture.

That feels good to me. That’s what I want our home to feel like. And with that, I’m off to create our soulful space called home. Know of any designers or shops with home decor I might vibe with? Please let me know, if so. I’ll tell them you sent me. ~xoxo

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    Rae B
    December 31, 2017 at 12:43 pm

    You really just described my entire home with the colors. We had to completely do our home over after a flood destroyed it. I hadn’t even been in my home for over a year before almost everything I owned was taken away. But it felt good starting over. There were some really rough patches, but to see where I am now, to see how my home has been restored and the beauty behind the process is something that makes me smile.

    Someone told me you will never finish decorating your own. You’re always adding and subtracting to it. I believe that’s true in a way, especially since I’m a seasonal minimalist. LOL!

    Enjoy the journey of turning your home into a soulful space. The reward is invaluable.

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      Tyshia Ingram
      January 3, 2018 at 10:25 pm

      Really?! These colors soothe my soul. Sorry to hear about the flood but I love that you were able to see the beauty in the mess. That is a gift sis! I’m piecing things together bit by bit. Even my kids are noticing the differences. Baby steps 🙂

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