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In Current Rotation

In Current Rotation

I haven’t done a beauty post in awhile and it’s been forever and a day since I’ve written about style. I know I said before I was going to do more lifestyle posts mixed in with my big life epiphanies but, big life things kept on happening and so it goes. Still, it’s definitely something I want to do more of as I think about the direction of this blog and my plans for 2018. But before all that, I figured I’d ease back in with a few beauty and style things that are currently in rotation.

The Butter Depot

I have chronically dry skin and in the winter it only gets worse. I feel like I’ve tried everything under the sun to help keep my skin moisturized during these months and yet, I always wind up ashy and dry. Not a good look. When I discovered The Butter Depot through one of my clients I fell in love. The Citron Whipped Butter smells so good and it definitely can work for a masculine or feminine scent preference. At first touch, it’s really thick but as soon as it hits your skin it warms and melts in like butter. I’ve even used it on my hair when I needed something a bit thicker than my normal daily leave-in conditioner. And of course, I have to mention, it’s black woman owned which just makes me love it that much more.

Crochet Braids

Speaking of my hair…I cut it all off. I have a really well written, heartfelt post about my hair journey that I’ve yet to share but, the cliff notes version: I started growing locs, I changed my mind, I cut all my hair around my 30th birthday. Since then, it has grown long enough to do crochet braids. Now, let me be real when I say I love my liberating short cut as much as the wild and free spirit inside me does but sometimes a girl just wants to wave her hair back and forth. I’ve been eyeing this particular hair for months and it’s probably my favorite crochet braids style so far. And because we’re all friends here, it only cost me $20. Yes, $20. I think I’ll do a more in depth post about crochet braids, the kind of hair I use, and my technique because I always get asked a ton of questions. I don’t think people understand that honestly, truly, I do the absolute least. Knowledge is power and sharing is caring so that post soon come.

Sweater Weather

Even though I’m a summer baby at heart, I can’t deny that I love the fall. Pumpkin spice, the start of the holidays, sweaters, and boots will always have a special place in my heart. As part of embracing all of who I really am, I’ve been adding a a bunch of chunky sweaters in blush, gray, and black to my wardrobe. Real talk, I really don’t need anything but these three colors to wear. There’s the occasional wine, olive, or navy blue but blush, gray, and black have my heart. I know I have an aversion to pattens at times so one way I give my wardrobe some variation is with details darling. I love wearing a simple item, like a blush chunky sweater, that has some unexpected detail to it. This definitely has to be one of my favorite finds this season.

What beauty and style things do you currently have in rotation? I’m looking for cute boots, a natural wine and nude lipstick, and a satin lined beanie (preferably from a black owned company). Any suggestions? Let me know! ~xoxo

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