Based off of the number of texts I been receiving and questions about my food choices, it’s safe to say What the Health has a lot of people rethinking their entire food situations. I get it. I had the same kind of epiphany after watching Forks over Knives awhile back. Learning–like really learning–how food affects your body is life changing for sure. But, as far as What the Health…I have mixed feelings. And judging by my social media timelines, I seem to fall somewhere solidly in the middle of people totally here for it and people completely irked by it.

I’m not going to get into the documentary though. This isn’t a review. I’m honestly just here to share my very brief thoughts and experience and thoughts on food and diet.

So here’s the thing, and y’all know by now I don’t do the whole title thing, I’m what my hubs likes to affectionately call, a fake ass vegan. What he means–though I appreciate his knack for cutting through the bullshit and fluff–is I mostly follow a vegetarian diet, I go through vegan seasons, but above all else, I listen to my body.

And that last part is really what I hope people take from the countless documentaries popping up, the vegan food blogs, and all the noise currently floating around about the standard American diet and food choices.

If you’ve read my Choosing Natural post, you know that I decided to focus on plant based eating for health reasons. And based off of how my body has reacted since making that decision, I know that it was best for me. And anytime I get too far off course, my body has no problem reminding me that it does better without meat and dairy.

When it comes to overall health, disease, and the foods we eat, yes, there are major correlations that we should be aware of. But I’m by no means about to sit here and start screaming off stats that sound wildly off base (one egg equivalent to 5 cigarettes? Um…yea no) and promoting fear (of course KFC chicken isn’t good for anyone but organic chicken might be okay for you). Switching to a vegan-ish diet has worked for me and I definitely suggest plant based as much as possible for anyone. And if you ask me about dairy, I’m gonna tell you no, no, no, and nope. But above all else, do your research and listen to your body. Try new things and just eat better overall.

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