Hey friends. It’s been a little bit. Last time I checked in, I was writing from the other side of 30. There were plans for a birthday post but, I think I got out everything I needed to in She. So here I am, 30 and a week, feeling pretty much the same but, I guess that’s how birthdays go. As per usual when I’m out of the loop, a Currently // Life Lately post is right on time. Just a few odds and ends of my life, currently.

What I’m Reading

I just picked up Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes again after hearing Lauren Ash of BGIO talk about it on a recent podcast. I’ve had this book forever it seems. At least a year. And for some reason, I’ve just never been able to work my way through it. I’ve started it more times than I can count and usually for me, that means I’m not into it. Lauren had me rethinking my life though so I tried to dig in, once more, this time just picking up where I left off. So, much, goodness. There’s a post coming soon on a chapter that touched me to my core.

What I’m Listening To

I recently discovered this amazingly talented, young singer from Philly named Masie Blu. I was listening to a playlist on Soundcloud when her song Sankofa came on and grabbed all of my attention. I was immediately in love with the soulful, futuristic, jazz vibes of the song and the message was so divinely timed, it blew my mind. Seriously. I spent the next few hours listening to her music and she’s dope. For real. Some of my favorites are Sankofa (obviously), Antelopes and Starseeds, and Nia.

What I’m Watching

Not What the Health, which everyone and their mama has been texting and messaging me about. I keep trying to tell people I’m not real life vegan but I guess my Instagram stories is saying otherwise. What I am obsessed with though is Queen Sugar. The way that show is able to portray the intimate and intricate dynamic of the black family is genius. I wish I was like a pop culture blogger because I surely would be writing somebody’s recap every Wednesday night. It’s really that good.

What I’m Eating

I’m learning that the key to making good vegan meal is the spices. I mean, aside from like simple veggies, salads, smoothies, and rice bowls, to make a good soulful vegan meal, it comes down to the spices. Can I tell y’all how I’ve been searching high and low for smoked paprika? It’s sold out everywhere around here, and I live in a pretty diverse neighborhood with very diverse grocery stores. I guess everyone has been down except for me. I’m experimenting with more recipes because I’m getting kind of bored. By no means, do I feel like switching back to a meat based/dairy diet but I am lowkey a foodie at heart and I want to bring back some of that in my plant based journey. I’m ordering my first vegan cookbook, Afro-Vegan, so hopefully that’ll be a good start.

Other Things I’m Loving

A random trip to CVS in the middle of night I discovered the Magnolia Journal by Chip & Joanna Gaines. Fellow Fixer Upper fans, why didn’t I know about this? I am so inspired by Joanna’s hustle. She has her hand in so many pots it’s like a dream for a person like me who has a gold notebook full of ideas and projects I want to launch. But a quarterly journal? Full of things she loves, things that inspire her, stories from other entrepreneurs and women, recipes, home decor inspo that is spot on, all in an editorial print magazine?! I live.

Hope your summer has been treating you well. ~xoxo

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