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Wardrobe EssentialsEvery season I start to feel that familiar pull that makes me think about downsizing my closet. I’ve thought about building a capsule more times than I can count but I’ve never actually gotten around to creating one. The last time I attempted, I think my idea of how my capsule would look was super dreamy, but it wasn’t really practical for my life. Truth is, I’m a busy working mama who works from home 95% of the time and is chasing boys around for pretty much the same ratio in my off hours. I had these ideas of these super cute capsules but…I’d start building them only to realize they weren’t the right fit and I’d abandon them. But that’s not the only reason things weren’t working out.

When it comes to being more intentional in my life, it makes sense to include things down to the smallest detail like, my wardrobe. When I would start to think about building these capsules, I would find myself drifting towards the same old stores I’ve always shopped, which didn’t feel real intentional at all. I’ve always wanted to support indie brands, companies owned by black women, and other consciousness businesses and for some reason, I’ve never tied that desire to something so simple and tangible like my wardrobe.

I want to say that, I’m going to build a capsule wardrobe for summer but the reality is, I probably won’t get all the way through it. Coins, bills, and other things. But, I would like to start thinking about making more intentional purchases towards my wardrobe. And phasing things out slowly as I go. Sharing a few things that have caught my interest that I’m hoping to add soon.


Let me be the first to say that dropping coins like this on things you wear to bed sounds insane but, I’m actually here for it. For one, I love the vision of the founder as a founder myself, I can’t help but appreciate a good story. And then, the reality and functionality of these pieces make so much sense for my life. Truth moment: there are some days between writing deadlines, elementary school drop offs, home chores, and chasing a four year old that what I roll out of bed in–typically a basketball shirt and leggings–is what I spend my day in. And there really is something to be said about looking good and feeling good. This sleep dress has my name all over it along with these pants for when the weather cools down.


You know those Instagram accounts that just speak to your life? The Bazaar Bohemian is one of those. I’m obsessed with the visuals, the earthy colors, the abundance of green plants, and the overflow of melanin. When I learned that she had launched a shop, Souk Bohemian, I knew that I would love it just the same. I’ll always love a good graphic tee or sweatshirt when it’s cold and the Boh Collection has exactly what I’m looking for. And even though, we’re talking about wardrobe essentials, their travel bags are definitely swoon worthy.


Remember earlier when I was talking about functionality and practical items? Even though at first glance this brand would seem to be the exact opposite of that, it’s not. I’ve followed Aurora on Instagram since forever but it was only recently when I saw she took a trip to Haiti that I got more interested in her brand and the products. I love, no seriously, truly love the mission behind her company, the workers she helps employ around the world, and the stories behind Brother Versailles shoes and bags. In particular, I’ve got my eye on these sandals.

What do you think about capsules? Into them or nah? Or are you on board with me, just making more intentional purchases and getting rid of the things that are just taking up space? ~xoxo

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