My Food Diary Vol I

So…I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to share my food journey. As you know–and if you don’t know, start here–food is at the cornerstone of my natural based lifestyle. Changing my eating habits, cutting out dairy, and eating plant-based is a huge part of my daily life soooo obviously that means, new blog series! To share what’s been working, what hasn’t, what I’ve been learning, and recipes I’ve tried, I decided to share some of the most popular foods I’m eating through food diaries. So here we go, volume 1. Enjoy.

Food Diary: Breakfast

Breakfast – The most important meal of the day? I’ve never been a breakfast person but here goes.

  1. Strawberry, Banana, Blueberry, Kale, Spinach, Chard, Chia Seed Smoothies. So here’s the deal. I prep these each night. I buy the frozen strawberry banana blend and frozen blueberries from Target. Market Pantry brand, yes, fancy I know. I use the Earthbound Farms Power Greens mix, and the Navitas Naturals organic chia seeds. I pop everything in a mason jar before bed and after my workout, I pop in the blender with some almond milk and that’s it.
  2. No morning coffee. Roasted Dandelion Root tea instead. If you’re looking for a tea to help kick a coffee habit, this is the one to try. It has a really strong roasted flavor so it’s almost like my brain feels like I’m drinking a cup of black coffee. Which I’m not really a fan of, but this tea is the best alternative to coffee for me. It’s also good for the digestive system so it’s obviously in heavy rotation in my house.
  3. Oatmeal w/ mixed fruit, granola, and almond milk. I feel like at some point I’ll cut back on grains, just because I hear so much about them. But I have to do more research. Not just gonna go ditching my fave breakfast for no reason. For now, this is pretty much what I eat every day. Quick, simple, no decision making so my mind is happy and free.

Food Diary: Lunch

Lunch- I struggle so much with lunch. It’s crazy. I never know what to make, I’m always late eating it, and some days I miss it entirely. I know, it’s bad.

  1. Wild & Brown Basmati Rice bowls with avocado and sweet potatoes. I got this rice mix from Whole Foods, it’s the 365 brand. Because, I love white rice and trying to replace it with wild rice is a process. This is a happy medium for now. I usually make a cup of this, one avocado, and two cooked and diced sweet potatoes. It’s enough for two days with an extra avocado on day two.
  2. Teriyaki stir fry. Which sounds much fancier than it is.  I simply use some leftover linguine noodles (I always have leftover linguine noodles), baby bella mushrooms, onions, peppers, carrots, and sugar snap peas tossed in a low sodium teriyaki sauce. The La Choy Teriyaki sauce marinade is my current fave.
  3. Pasta & Veggies. So this is my last resort meal. At this point, I always have a ton of vegetables in my fridge so I just throw whatever is leftover in a pan, toss in some diced tomatoes, and pour over some noodles, and top with some vegan parmesan. Soon, I want to try some zucchini noodles to cut back on my intake of…noodles. I think I heard Whole Foods sells them already prepared…I’ll check on that and let you know how it goes cool?

Food Diary: Dinner

Dinner – Carry on. Nothing much to see here. Kidding, sort of. Most of you know that although my diet has changed a lot, I’m still slowly easing my family into just eating healthier. I don’t expect any of them to go without meat but…I’ll change what I can. Most of the time at dinner, I wind up eating what they eat which is still healthy, with a slight remix.

  1. Vegan General Tso’s Chicken. It was good. I feel like you guys were expecting something super healthy but this is the true life journey and General Tso’s made it on the menu. Sorry not sorry. I used the Archer Farm’s general tso sauce over cauliflower bites that were battered and baked. A side of broccoli goes perfect with this.
  2. Tacos. I let the family stick with ground beef while I use either baby bella mushrooms or the Gardein Meatless Ground. Usually not a fan of meat substitutes like this but this was my first try and I was definitely impressed. I like this one because the ingredients list is pretty short and sweet (a lot of vegan foods are super processed…pointless much?). Tossed in some peppers, green onions, and topped with homemade guac and salsa. Amazing.
  3. Homemade pizza. One day we’ll make our own pizza dough. Sike. We used a ready made pizza crust from Trader Joe’s. I got the standard pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese for the kids. While I opted for cheeseless pizza with a shit ton of veggies topped with a homemade vegan parmesan recipe from Minimalist Baker. Perfection.

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