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Totally off topic but, does anyone else go through this weird thing where you carve out this special piece of the day to finally find time to write only to find you don’t have anything to write about? It’s the strangest thing ever. I spend all my busy hours writing blog posts in my head and jotting down notes in my Evernote app. And then when I finally get the time, space, and quiet to write…nothing. Oh creativity…

I haven’t posted much in the last couple weeks. Life and what not. To ease back into things I thought I’d share a peek into what I’ve been up to. I’ve been spending my working days juggling my two passions: writing and building a eco luxe beauty brand. Each one serves a specific purpose and each one fills me in a different way. I have long thought about how I could possibly continue on this path with my hands, mind, and heart in two different places when it comes to my career/work. Spent too many hours pondering it and will be spending my time from now on just doing it. I hate labels, but I sometimes feel strange for not having one. I’m just not a label kinda girl. But the world has this funny way of making you feel invalid when you don’t have one. Screw that though.

Y’all already know I am the Queen of long introductions. I will forever take the long way to get to a point. So here goes. A day in my life when I’m not blogging or writing :).

Beauty Boss Things

I took a quick–and I do mean quick–trip up to New York for a trade show. I absolutely loathe networking, I’m just so awkward but I’m learning how to push through. Professional industry conferences and shows are so important when it comes to building and growing a business. A lesson I learned from years in corporate and watching my old boss grow his company. An unsolicited piece of advice: If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with a job, use every moment as a learning opportunity. You’ll be thankful for the experience in the long run. This is something I’m understanding more and more as I wander along this journey. I’m thankful.

It was a day full of workshops and connecting with new people. This one session on the future of beauty in the digital age had me MIND. BLOWN. Seriously. Have you ever watched Black Mirror on Netflix? Yea, it was like a real life episode of that. I’m talking virtual reality, robots, and 3D printing…of skin. It was wild. I’m basically over here figuring out ways to keep Belle Marron as authentic and personal as possible because…nah. I’m not about that life. It wasn’t all futuristic though. I also learned some really cool things about e-commerce beauty and how to continue to make really dope connections with people online. Which whether I’m talking about blogging or running an online business, is a really important part of my work.

We stayed for the whole day, walked way too long around New York (my body subtly reminding me that I really need to hit the gym more often), and was back in Philly by 8:00pm. The perks of living near NYC but not in NYC makes me happy. One thing I noticed–and I’m going to write about this in more detail soon–was that me and my co-founder were the youngest and two of the very small handful of brown faces at the show. And this wasn’t a small event. It both irritated and empowered me to keep going. Don’t let the fancy ad campaigns and carefully placed brown girl influencer lead you to believe that we’re represented in this space because…we’re not. Not by a long shot. The more you know I suppose.

It was a jam packed, fun, AND busy day. Myleik (my mentor in my head, you didn’t know?) mentioned before on her snap/IG story that eating well and going to the gym is essential for her to travel as much as she does for work and what not. She wasn’t lying. I literally worked from bed the whole next day because…I could not. I’m gonna fix that because there’s actually a lot of travel and work things coming up in the next couple months. Along with my 30th birthday. I can’t be out here out of commission for the whole next day. That’s crazy. When you know better, you do better.

So that’s what a day for me looks like when I’m wearing my beauty boss label. I wish I would have taken more photos but I’m horrible at documenting like that. Usually the hubs which we’ve affectionately dubbed Belle Marron’s BTSD (behind the scenes director) handles that. You see what happens when I’m in charge of it lol.

And as for the blog, I’m working on creating a better mixture of love, light, and the deep stuff here. I looked through my last few posts and realized they were all super deep, which is cool because they were all feelings I had to get out, but all I could think was “why so serious?”. So look forward to a more happy and holistic blend of all the things.


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