A Quick Note

Hey friends. You know that moment when you realize the thing that you thought you got over, you didn’t? Yea. So that was me. My last post, I really thought I was back ya know? Like, sure the whole entire country may or may not have lost its mind, the white house is looking very…white, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around this new ‘merica situation but, I thought I was back. That I dealt with it. Nah son.

The reality is, I’ve been mustering about all the creative energy that I have to tackle my client projects. Anything left over after that has been going to Belle Marron. And in my spare time I’ve been trying not to feed the Facebook trolls–it may or may not be working–while also leveling up my volunteer work. All of that has led me to…well…here we are.

I almost don’t want to say it. But…me and nablopomo? That’s over. It’s cancelled.

Joanne the Scammer

Kidding…kidding… Until tomorrow then yes?


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