Giving Myself Permission

Giving Myself Permission

I bought Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic a couple months ago. Remember that “In Between” space I was in? Yea, I picked it up then. From what I’d heard about it so far, I felt that in the midst of me trying to find my footing with blogging, writing, and running a business, maybe it could shed some light on things. I didn’t read it for months. Busy trying to figure things out on my own ya know? When I picked it back up at the beginning of this month–inspired by my new creative goal I suppose–my eyes were opened. Big Magic is exactly what I needed to read at exactly the moment I needed to read it. Divine timing.

There’s so much magic in that book. I mean, literal gems of insight and wonder. I would be sad I hadn’t read it sooner if I didn’t understand that I may not been as receptive before. I could do a whole book review, breaking it down bit by bit but that’s not what I came for today. Today, I wanted to talk about Permission.

In Big Magic, Liz writes about giving yourself permission to be creative. To do thing, write the thing, make the thing. She goes beyond that too. It’s not just about the permission to be creative, but it’s permission for your creativity to just be. It doesn’t have to be original, or done to help someone. You can do the thing for yourself, to save yourself, entertain yourself, help yourself. Y’all, it doesn’t even have to be important. It just has to be authentic.

When I decided, a mere 12 hours after launching my business pre-sale that I wanted to do a blogging challenge for the month of November there was this small voice in the back of my mind that was like “for why girl?” For what? I had no real answer. I mean who does that? Really. Who launches a new project and then turns around and does a personal blogging challenge? Me. Because I realized a long time ago that writing is how I learn about myself and blogging happens to be my preferred outlet to do that. But even with that realization the voice still questioned “what’s the point?”….

Big Magic is helping me understand that I don’t need a point. I don’t need an answer to that small voice’s question. I’m challenging myself to blog everyday simply because I want to.  And that’s that.

This reminded me of an affirmation from one of Tracy G’s audio vision boards: “I am not stalling my life for someone to grant me closure. I write my own damn permission slips.” ~ Middle Finger to My Old Life x Tracy G

Later days ~ xoxo

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