A Goal without a Plan is Just a Dream…

A Goal without a Plan

Every year around this time–and again around the end of the school year–I start to think about new planners. I am a planner, sometimes to a fault. Seriously. Even my plans got plans. It’s just part of who I am. When I don’t have a clear plan for my day, week, month I feel off balance. And nobody has time for that. But, if I can be real…even with all this planning, I have yet to find a system that works for me consistently. I’ll use a time blocked planner for a few weeks and then start to feel too restricted. The next few weeks I’ll bullet journal and then feel like I can’t really see what I have going on ahead. I’ve tried big planners, little ones. Separate planners for my business and personal life, and one big planner to keep them altogether. It’s always the same thing. Something works for a few weeks and then…it doesn’t.

That doesn’t stop me from searching though.

Recently I’ve been using this combined three planner system. I know it sounds crazy but hear me out. My Google calendar is a must. If it’s not on my Google calendar, it’s not real, I won’t remember it, it’s just not happening. I use a little notebook–it’s gold and my fave–to write a long list of things I have to do each week. Just get it all out my head and onto paper so I don’t have to think about it. And then I have a weekly planner so I can plan out what needs to get done when. Yea…it’s a lot. But this is a no judgment zone here okay?

With it being November and everything though, I’m on my bi-annual hunt for a planner that gets me. I’m looking at two in particular plus an extra, because why not?

Get to Work Book – This is a daily planner and goal setting workbook that I’ve had my eye on since it first launched a couple years back. I listen to the creator of this planner’s podcast and it’s been really helpful to me on my journey as a multipassionate creative entrepreneur. That plus the fact that this planner seems to cover everything you need when you’re working on something big, makes me feel like it might be the one. Or really close to it ;). It’s pretty pricey though, so it would be a splurge for sure…

The Passion Planner – The instagram posts alone are enough to make me want to get this. Seriously, #passionplanner is like all of the goals. This planner was born from the creator’s analysis paralysis, so basically I feel like she knows my life. Remember I’m the girl whose plans have plans…I get it. The passion planner has so many aspects I like, the passion roadmap, monthly goals and reflection pages, the free space on the weekly layout. The only thing that makes me nervous are the time blocks. I don’t work well with planned time blocks. As much as I want to…I don’t. Decisions.

Hustle Goal Setting Journal – This one is a more of a journal and it’s by my favorite “mentor in my head”, Myleik. She has an interesting way of planning days that she broke down in her first journal Learn More to Earn More. Truth is, I’m getting this anyway, even if it doesn’t work as a daily planner for me. I’ve been using these as a business journal for the past two years and I like having a place to track all my wild ideas, wins, setbacks, new goals etc. I do want to make business journaling a more regular practice now that I have so many different things going on. Have to make sure I’m acting with intention and journaling is one of the ways I reconnect.

Full transparency…I’m leaning towards one more than the other but I still have a couple weeks to go.

Until tomorrow ~ xoxo

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