Freedom: A Day at Smith Memorial Playground


Lately I’ve been really into podcasts, blogs, newsletters or whatever other kind of content I can get my hands on about how to figure out what it is you want do. Shocking, I know. Creative struggles. But, I’ve been coming at it from more of a peaceful position these days, one that is not focused so much on the answer, but moreso the journey. The nuts and bolts of it all. One of the things I’m starting to understand is that, I really just want freedom. Honestly, at the core it’s freedom. There are of course levels to it: finances, time, location etc. but it all comes down that. Knowing this to be absolutely true, has helped me approach my work differently. I know you’re wondering what in the world that has to do with Smith Memorial Playground…right, I’m getting to that.

Last week my boys celebrated their birthday (yes they have the same one). I spent the night before picking out the perfect cupcakes for Sdot’s class–he was being super picky per usual. But, since he was going to be in school for the day, I wanted to do something fun with Man Man. I decided to take the afternoon and spend the day with him (and hubs) at Smith Memorial Playground. We had a perfect day and it really reminded me that, I’m already doing what it is I want to do. The freedom to take afternoons off and make memories with my boys. That’s it at the heart of it. Freedom.

So we spent the afternoon chasing, crafting, playing, building, swinging. It was everything. I also spent the night writing but it was well worth the trade. If you’re not familiar, Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse is a playspace in Philadelphia that is dedicated to providing children with unstructured free play. The Playhouse is tailored mostly towards toddlers and preschoolers but older kids can definitely enjoy the playground. It was a bit chilly…October of course…so we spent most of the time indoors. I’m basically obsessed with this place now and we’ll definitely be visiting much more. Along with other places in Philly. You would think for a philly mom blogger who sometimes writes listicles of things to do in this wonderful city, I would…do more things here. I don’t. It’s weird. But, I’ll be exercising that freedom that I talked about earlier to get to know my city better. Until then, here’s a few photos from our day at Smith Memorial Playground. If you’re in Philadelphia or coming to visit, this is a must stop. Happy November.

Smith Memorial Playground

Smith Memorial PlaygroundSmith Memorial PlaygroundSmith Memorial Playground

PS: November is National Blog Post Month. Affectionately known around the blogosphere as #NaBloPoMo. During this month the goal is to write a blog post everyday. Time to flex those writing muscles I suppose. See you tomorrow then?


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