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Just a couple days until the boys officially head back to school. If they think they’re excited they have no idea how I’m feeling. Feeding three boys all summer has been expensive. I’m trying to understand how it is humanly possible to be hungry 24/7. The little one has been ready for weeks now. He’s moving to the “big” building this year (an upgrade from the little schoolhouse) so it’s kind of a big deal. As usual, I can’t really tell how the big one is feeling. He has a serious poker face. Is this what tweenage boys do?

Last week, we went to his registering session and I knew he was going to have the chance to pick his very first elective. Now, I’m no helicopter mom by any stretch of the imagination (…I really hope that’s not denial talking) but I, of course, had my eye on a class that I thought would be perfect for him. But, seeing as this was middle school, I promised myself the whole way to the school that I wasn’t going to say anything. Parenting is weird. We want to grow these really awesome, independent, kids who dream and do big, but at the same time want to guide them just a bit because sometimes, we know what’s best. But I’ve never been a middle school mom before…I hope I’m doing this right.

As his registerer(?) started reading out his options I gently reminded myself that this is time for him to explore his interests. Long story short–actually just five minutes of him intently looking over his options and what felt like forever to me–he picked his class. Although whatever he picked would have been a good choice, he picked the one I was hoping. Maybe I do know something after all. Mother’s intuition for the win.

I’ve debating on whether or not to enroll the baby in a preschool program since June. Indecisive isn’t even the word. A combination of not really wanting to send him, really wanting to try homeschool, and not really wanting to add another expense, has had me going back and forth and back again. Truth is, I’m nervous about handling it all. Working from home, really doing preschool/homeschool the way I hope, and still being active with the boy’s school(s)? It’s just like…ehhh I don’t know. After many “final decisions” we’ve decided against it. The reasons not to enroll him outweighed the reasons to, and so home with us he’ll be. Working on putting together our lesson plans, organized enough so the Hubs and I can take turns.

And with all this back to school talk, the familiar feelings that always creep up around this time of the year have arrived. I’ve been lowkey thinking about going back to school and finally finishing my degree. Another thing to add to my list of indecision. On one hand, I don’t feel like I “need” it. But on the other, I want it. And, it’s only a year left…why do I do these things to myself? 2017??? I’m seriously thinking about making this a thing…

Hope your labor day weekend was everything you needed it to be. Not ready for the work week to begin but I definitely enjoyed taking a holiday off for real. It’s been awhile. ~ xoxo

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