Hello September

Hello September

And just like that, summer is unofficially over. We just finished up the last of the boys back to school shopping and will be enjoying one last weekend before school starts. Still wrapping my head around the fact our oldest is heading to 6th grade…and not quite ready for him to be growing up so fast. And as much as I’m a fan of our family spacing, as we go into this year with two different schools and the realization that at some point there will be three kids in three different schools? I’m questioning my sanity a bit. Carpools and soccer mom things aside though, I’m excited for a new school year to begin and can’t wait to see what it has in store for us :).

This month, I’ll be trying to find my groove again with freelancing and preschool-homeschooling man man. Last year was an adventure for real and just as I started to get the hang of things, summer was here. Full disclosure, I never got the hang of things in summer and am just thankful I made it through okay. But with the older ones back in school I’m wondering how it’s all going to go.

As per usual, I have all the things I want to do this month and beyond, but I thought I’d start to share them here. Accountability? Maybe. I hope so.

September Goals

  1. Finish Na’s bedroom. The summer project that we hoped to have completed by the beginning of the school year but…it didn’t quite work out that way. Although we’ve been in our home an entire year (seriously, where does the time go) the older boys were sharing a room. But, it’s middle school and the boy needs his space ya know? So we started to get to work on the empty bedroom. Status? The wallpaper has been peeled off and the pink paint has been replaced with blue. Progress.
  2. Launch natural beauty website. My labor of love. Staring a product based business is the longest process I have ever encountered in my life. At every step there has been surprise after surprise. From handcrafting the products to perfection, to packaging decisions and hiccups, to figuring out how to pay for it all. Sheesh. But, we are finally so close it’s insane. So close that I actually have our premiere products on my vanity next to my other beauty products, and use them on a daily basis. It’s real.
  3. Pitch more. So because I know that goal setting is not the place to make such broad statements, let me be a little more specific and say I want to pitch to four publications/brands/companies that truly align with the work that makes my heart happy. This summer I landed two clients in this space and whenever I sit down to work on their projects, I literally feel like I am doing the dream work. While I still have to take on work that maybe doesn’t align with my passions (still gotta pay the bills) I want to move toward my current mantra: More of what I love, less of the rest.
  4. Stick to a morning routine. I am not a morning person. These are just the facts. I cringe thinking about anything earlier than a 7am alarm and even that is far too early. Because of this, my mornings for as long as I can remember have been a mess. With my goals still remaining as big as ever and my time still limited, I really need to be more intentional with how I utilize the moments where I’m not chasing after preschoolers, doing homework, or serving as a personal chauffer. As much as I’ve tried to ignore it, the fact is, my mornings are important and having a real routine that I stick is no longer a half hearted desire, it’s a necessity. I know this will take some trial and error before I find what really works for me, but I’m testing one out this week and hopefully by the end of the month I’m a morning routine pro ;).

So here’s to a productive month and prayers for a healthy and successful school year. With love and blessings. ~ xoxo

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