Breaking Down to Build Up + the Year of the Glow Up

Tyshia Shante

You might not know this but, I declared the 29th year of my life to officially be my year of the glow up. According to urban dictionary, the “glow up” is officially defined as:

To go from the bottom to the top to the point of disbelief. An incredible transformation.

Now, I know a lot of people use the term when talking about physical appearance but, that ain’t what I’m talking about. This melanin is poppin and my fro is growing so trust me, I’m good. I’m talking about a life transformation. A started from the bottom now we here kind of transformation.

Let me explain…

On my 29th birthday (July 20th) I was in a good place. I brought in the day at a mountain resort in Seven Springs surrounded by love, the Mr., and my boys. Sure I was technically at a conference but I was traveling, doing work I’m passionate about, having a great time, and my family was with me. Life is good. Underneath all of that though, there was a lot going on. Personal things, financial things, career things, emotional things. A lot of the things were kind all over the place, to me. I add that because I’m learning that perspective is everything and even on what I think is my worst day, my life is still amazing. That’s real. But, as I mentioned before, having gratitude and being content doesn’t mean you can’t work, hustle, and grind to do better. Especially when you have grand visions for your life. So there I was on my birthday, thankful, grateful, and blessed for being here and simultaneously dealing with situations (of my own doing) completely aware that I can, need, and want to do better.

So I declared 29 the year of the glow up. But, before the actual glowing can commence. I need to confront a lot of the baggage that I simply refuse to bring with me into the next decade of my life. That’s hard. In just the past few weeks since my birthday has passed I’ve had to face some realities, make some really tough decisions, and continue to press forward knowing this is all part of the set up, to the glow up. I have to break things down, get to the bottom, so that I can build up to be better.

Check back with you at 30 and let you know how it went? Cool ;). ~ xoxo

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