Love in Links

Love in Links

Happy Friday! Can you believe next week is August though? Craziness. I know a lot of us are gearing up for the Back to School season but we’re not quite there here in Philly. School for us starts after Labor Day but if I have any type of sense, I should definitely start preparing now. With a month left, I still have a few more weeks to keep the kids occupied while organizing and preparing for the school year ahead. Spending the weekend wrapping up projects and loose ends from July. Here’s a few links I loved this week.

  • This great list of DIY things to do with kids will be my best friend for the next couple weeks. Gotta keep the kiddies busy and you already know I’m a fan of anything that is affordable and fun.

  • Ever since coming back from the SPAC Conference I have been obsessed with curating resources and information regarding the Philadelphia School District. Really appreciating the Notebook, a nonprofit news service for Philadelphia education. Philly parents, definitely check this site out!

  • I really need to get my eating habits under control. As a busy work at home mom the habit of not eating until well into the day is something that happens far more often than I’d like to admit. I’m exploring the idea of meal prepping this week and this salad in a jar idea is exactly what I need.

  • So the founder of one of my favorite digital platforms, For Harriet, launched a new podcast for black creatives and media professionals. After listening to the most recent episode with Freshalina and checking out the interview with Damon Young, founder of Very Smart Brothas, Black Media Minute became an instant favorite.

What are you getting into this weekend? ~ xoxo

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