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100 Days of Summer: Parks with Sprinklers

100 Days of Summer | Styled Her Life

I was having one of those kind of days. A ton of client work, restless kids, and a messy office which was wreaking havoc on my ability to focus on getting anything done. It was also an irritably hot and humid afternoon right after a long holiday weekend. Though, if I’m being honest, weekends and weekdays all mesh together these days. In my mind though, I was having a tough time getting in the flow of things.

An hour or two before the hubs came home from teaching class–hip hop with an energetic group of kids–to bless me with maybe 5 glorious minutes of silence and solitude before dinner prep began, the toddler and the middle one had a shouting match. This probably was the third one of the day.

We’re going to the park!

I love how the park has this magical effect on my boys at this age. My wallet loves it too. City living has given us a handful of choices within walking distance and the dreamy ‘burbs just outside walking distance provide us with a few more along with hiking trails, creeks, and abundant greenery (hello nature walks and lunch in the park). We settled on the one 2 minutes away because, tired, hot, humid.

I was ready for the energizing bliss of the park with boys. The older ones would shoot some hoops, the little would run around, I’d catch up on a podcast while pushing a swing. Little did I know, the levels of magic were about to increase by a million. Why?

They. Had. Sprinklers.

100 Days of Summer | Styled Her Life

What I thought would be a quick 20 – 30 minute park trip turned into over an hour. The little things they enjoy, watching them play together, having the flexibility to witness it all. These are the moments that make it all worth it <3.


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