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Summer is coming! That immediately made me think of Game of Thrones. That show is insane. I tried to avoid it and I did so successfully for 5 whole seasons but I finally gave in. Blame it on Twitter. Hubs and I binged watched over a few weeks aaaanndd here we are. But I digress, back to the point of this post. This will be my first summer as a work at home mom. All three boys will be out of school and while I do have some activities and camps lined up for them, it still is going to be an experience for sure. But one I’m excited about. For so long I felt like I was missing out on so many important moments and memories with my boys. Work, a long commute, exhaustion. But, for the first time, I’ll be home with them. Spending lazy summer afternoons together, watching them grow, play, learn and inevitably get on my nerves. It’s part of the package, I get it. It’s the last summer before my oldest heads to middle school, yikes! And only a couple more summers before the baby (yes, I know he’s 3 but he’ll always be the baby to me) heads to school. My middle son will be exploring the world with his grandparents (lucky!) and the Hubs and I will be figuring out a happy, healthy, harmonious balance with everybody home (because yes, he’ll be here save a few classes and events as well) whew.

And oh, I almost forgot–please note sarcasm–there’s work. There’s a few work trips coming up, some with the fam, some without. And prayerfully, throughout the summer I’ll be freelancing with some awesome clients, blogging, assisting the bae with his business, and continuing to figure this whole thing out. With all that on the horizon, I’m excited. As I have been with every step of this journey. The past couple weeks have been particularly difficult but, I won’t let those things disturb my peace or affect my joy. I’m literally living the life of my dreams. Trials, tribulations, curveballs and all. And for that, I am thankful.

I’m going to challenge myself to post here, as much as I possibly can this summer. Between when I first launched this blog and today, I haven’t really shown up like I wanted to. I think…I think too much. About it all. I’m going to let my guard down, let the words flow, and continue to really share my journey to design a life I love. Because that’s really what this whoolleee thing was about in the first place. ~xoxo

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