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Mom style | styled her lifeTook advantage of the fact that it actually felt like Spring in Philly on Mother’s Day and snapped a few quick flicks in the most casual outfits in my closet. I was torn between getting all dolled up or staying in my PJ’s but a trip to visit my Mom called for me putting on real clothing. I’ve been slowly, and when I say slowly I mean it, adding to my capsule wardrobe so lucky for me, I actually had something quick to pull together without me even thinking about it. Now THAT is what a capsule wardrobe is supposed to do for you!

I picked up a couple basic tanks in my favorite classic colors. Black, White, Gray, and Blush. I promise I’m not as boring as those colors sound, or maybe I am, either way I like what I like. Since most of my spring “outfits” are really just a cute pair of jeans, shirt, a layering piece, and shoes, I knew that a nice assortment of tanks would take my wardrobe far this spring/summer.

Mom style | styled her life

What I’m most excited about are these simple, cute black slip on’s that I scored at Burlington Coat Factory! I think I might do a whole post or series about shopping on a budget because with a family of our size that includes three rapidly growing boys, I can’t allow clothing expenses to get out of hand. I’m an EXPERT at catching a sale (like spending $99 and saving $148 at Old Navy last week on man’s man’s spring/summer wardrobe. yassssss.) and finding gems at stores like Burlington. I originally had my eye on a pair of Steve Madden slip on’s but when I stumbled upon these cuties in BCF for a third of the price I decided to get them. On the spot, because you can’t mess around at Burlington.

Mom style | styled her life

When I first posted about my capsule, I got a lot of responses from people who desired to have a capsule but didn’t have the extra funds in their budget right now. I truly get that. That is my life. I’m over here trying to plan summer camp and clothing three humans before I can even think about myself. Motherhood. But don’t let that stop you from starting yours, bit by bit. There are some things you’ll want to pay a little more for and that’s fine. But there are some things that you can get for a little less and that’s great too. Shop smart and take it one piece at a time.


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