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Discovering a Spring Scent

Pinrose Gilded Fox | styled her life

I’ve always been–and if we’re being honest will always be–a shea butter, coconut oil kinda girl. There are few things that are as versatile and get the job done, whatever the job is, like these two beauty staples. On any given day, you would most likely find me sans body spray, perfume, or fragrance mist, instead opting to use only my faithful butters and go. But as of late, I’ve been finding myself noticing fragrances and scents more often and decided it was time I added a few to my beauty collection.

As a recovering product junkie (on a good day), I wanted to make sure I approached my new search for the perfect spring scents with intention. So I spent a ridiculous amount of time sampling, sniffing, and figuring out which notes and fragrances I was naturally drawn to. For spring, I found myself gravitating towards those scents that were floral and fruity which made it super easy to find my every day fragrance. Not to mention I already had something in mind. But for my night scent, I wanted something a little sexier. Something with a little spice.

When I received a sample of the Pinrose Gilded Fox I immediately knew I found the one. Just a few sprays and I was like yassss, this is everything. The scent is really captivating which is why I think I like it so much. It’s sexy and sultry, but not too heavy. With just the right balance of lightness and warmth. Just the notes alone, should be enough to intrigue you.

Pinrose Gilded Fox | styled her life

The Notes

Top – Cocoa, Cardamom // Mid – Buttered Rum // Base – Vetiver, Amber, Cedar

Even as a fragrance novice, I knew this blend of scents was bound to be interesting but it is definitely all that and more. Gilded Fox has easily become my go to fragrance for those nights where I’m feeling myself…And let’s just say it’s Hubs approved too ;).


Thank you to the wonderful team over at Pinrose for helping me find my signature spring scent! You can find Gilded Fox on and also now available at Sephora in Cherry Hill, NJ. 

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