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Bonding with the Boys

Bonding with the Boys | styled her life

A few weeks back I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts while I was cooking dinner. It was a live Being Boss episode and one of the topics was something about connecting the dots between what your values are and what you’re doing in your day to day life. One of the hosts asked listeners to do this simple exercise to list 4 or 5 hardcore values that you have and then list 4 or 5 things that you do each day. Although it sounds really basic, this super simple task was a real eye opener because I found that my lists were complete opposites. Mind blown. I had things like my kids, my relationship with God, my community on my values list but yet on my daily list I had client work, checking email, and scrolling social media. Disconnection for real. Now that’s not to say that those daily tasks aren’t necessary, I mean mama’s gotta pay the bills, but to not spend time doing the things that I say truly important to me on a daily basis, is a real problem. I immediately started to think about what changes I could implement daily to make my lists more cohesive when my son ran in the kitchen asking me about “Pizza Friday”. Light bulb!

Bonding with the Boys | styled her life

Every Friday we treat the kids to pizza. But in an effort to spend more time doing things that align with my values, I decided to put a twist on Pizza Friday. I hit up the market and got some simple ingredients to make Pizza, nothing fancy because I am NOT a chef and also this was one of the first times we were getting the kids, even the 3 yr old involved in the mix. We were going to make our own pizza together.

I know it seems like something so trivial but that hour or so picking out ingredients, talking about pizza (my kids LOVE pizza), laughing at Man Man’s mountain of cheese, eating leftover pepperoni, and debating whose pizza was going to turn out best, was a really nice time. Any other Friday, we would have called for delivery while I was catching up on work and the kids were off playing or doing their own thing. It was such a hit, they decided they want to do this every Pizza Friday (for now at least because you know kids change their minds with lightening speed).

Bonding with the Boys | styled her life

Making sure you’re doing something that is genuinely important to you each day is essential for living a life you love. I think people sometimes look at the big picture and forget that this life is really a lifetime of tiny moments and in order to really live the way you envision, it starts with those moments. If you have some time, and by some time I mean like 5 minutes because that’s all it takes, try this exercise and then think about what little, simple changes you can make to do more of what you love. Lost on ideas? Start with Pizza Friday, you literally can’t go wrong.


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