Love in Links

Love in Links

I love discovering new things. New blogs to get lost on. New indie brands to add to my wish list. New podcasts, new creatives, new places to visit, the list goes on. With Love in Links, I’ll be sharing those things, people, and places I’ve stumbled upon with you and also from time to time that means supporting other creative boss mamas and inspiring women living their lives and doing their thing. Today I’m sharing a creative link, an inspiring podcast episode, cute kid clothes, and a really awesome survivor made shop. Check em out and Happy Weekend! It’s a busy one for me. Catching up on work since my week was kind of scattered. But at least there will be wine ;).

  • I absolutely loved this blog post from creative mom, writer, and coach GG Renee about overcoming anxiety. I’ve always struggled with anxiety but somewhere between the time I decided to work for myself, the stress I put myself through with that decision, and the emotional rollercoaster of self-employment, it’s increased. Exponentially. I work on it daily and I’m doing well but I will always be open to exploring other ways to manage.

  • As a digital entrepreneur of course one of the podcasts I listen to frequently is the Smart Passive Income Podcast by Pat Flynn. This episode about two boss moms who created a massive following just under a year was super inspiring. And comforting to learn that their first idea, isn’t the one that launched them to success. Cough..second blog…cough.

  • In another life I would be a fashion designer, creating cute boy clothes. I can never find anything I love for them in regular stores but thank goodness for the internet. I’m able to find all the things. Like this super cute Christian apparel shop for kids. The perfect graphic tees! I will be grabbing the boys something from here to add to their spring/summer capsules for sure.

  • I don’t exactly remember how I stumbled upon this online shop. Too many tabs in Google one day led me here but I’m happy it did. This is a survivor-made goods company that essentially helps survivors of abuse, conflict, sickness, and other circumstances around the world gain economic independence through handmade goods. That’s love. They have all kinds of items available and you can shop via type of good, country, or partner organization.


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