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Things To Do This Spring

Things to do this Spring

Do you know it had the nerve to snow in Philly this past weekend? Not here for it. I’m over here looking for Spring like…you’re late. Nevertheless, because I’m practicing intention with my time and life these days (you know that whole “life she loves” thing), and I’m consistently learning that they key to success with anything is planning (major key), while I’m waiting on Spring’s tentative arrival I decided to plan some Spring activities with the family. Sharing my list with you 1) for accountability 😉 and 2) if you’re looking for some ideas hopefully you find some inspo here. I included a template at the end for you to print and write out your own Spring checklist as well. 

Spring Things

Seems like a good starting point for us! This gives us something to do every weekend from here on out. I think I’m most excited for a weekend getaway to the Poconos. I need a break, some time to unplug, and just BE. Make sure you grab your printable checklist so you can write your Spring bucket list too!

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