My Simple Winter Natural Hair Routine

My Simple Natural Hair Routine

Can I be real with y’all? There have been times when I was reeaaallyy about to give this natural hair thing up. Like throw in the towel, grab me a flat iron, and be done with the whole thing. And it’s always at that point, right when I’m all the way through, someone will say “I love your hair!” or “I wish I could wear my hair like yours.” or the thing that really changes my mind “You make me want to go natural too. How did you get your hair like that?” Something about the fact that my hair–no matter how much drama she tries to put me through–inspires other women to return to natural, means I have to keep going. And growing. And sharing.

Now that winter is here, I’ve switched up my natural hair routine just a bit. That really just means I’ve swapped out a few products and maybe added a deep condition session or two. It does NOT mean, I do more things, because no. A million and one steps to cuteness is not for me. My winter natural hair routine is no different. I’m going to keep this as short and sweet as possible because…I said SIMPLE winter natural hair routine and also, I can’t tell you how many times I hear brown girls say they can’t/won’t go natural because it’s too much work. There’s a learning curve for sure but natural hair doesn’t have to be this super long intense thing. I promise you. Short and sweet Queens. I’m breaking it down by the normal hair tasks to make it really clear and easy to follow :).


Co-Wash + Deep Condition: EVERY OTHER WEEK // I still don’t use shampoo much so every other week I use a cleansing conditioner or other cleanser and always follow up with a deep condition. Depending on how much time I have that could be a quick 20 minutes under a warm towel or for an hour or two while I do other random things. My trick for keeping wash day simple is detangling IMMEDIATELY–I mean like as soon as you rinse out the conditioner. Working in 4 sections, I detangle apply leave-in and seal with coconut oil. I haven’t blow dried my hair in forever and I don’t plan to anytime soon so after my hair is detangled I braid or twist my hair in two simple flat twists or braids. I’ve found this style is best for me because it helps my hair stretch–because shrinkage is real–and it also is cute enough if I have to leave the house for errands or something. Just pop on a turban or beanie and go.

Shampoo: ONCE EVERY OTHER MONTH // Because I know someone is looking at that “I still don’t shampoo much?” with the thoughtful emoji, when I feel my hair needs to be shampoo’d, I shampoo. I follow the same routine as any other wash day except if I’m shampoo’ing my hair I’m deep conditioning for at least an hour.

Moisturize + Seal: EVERYDAY // Yes, everyday because my hair needs moisture. But this doesn’t have to be some super long session. If I’m planning on retwisting, I’ll use a leave-in and seal with oil. If not, I’ll use a styling moisturizer and just pop on a bonnet. If my hair is in twists, I’ll spritz with water. I spend less than 5 minutes moisturizing when I’m not retwisting my hair.

Protein Treatment: ONCE // At most once a season, I’ll find the need to do a protein treatment. I don’t do anything extra fancy at all. The Aphogee 2 Step Protein is the only thing I’ve ever tried and I don’t have any complaints. Again this is pretty rare and I haven’t needed to do one yet, but I still wanted to add it here.


Simple Winter Natural Hair

My stash is ridiculous but I really only use a few things on a daily basis. I’ll give you the quick run down on each product but like I always tell people who are curious about natural hair: It’s all trial and error really. If a product works, stick with it. If it doesn’t move on.

Mineral Fusions Vibrant Shine Beauty Balm: I won’t say much about this because I have a full review coming soon but it’s a really good styler and moisturizer. My hair loves it.

As I Am Hydration Elation Intense Conditioner: This is my normal deep conditioner. You already know how much I love As I Am products. And if you don’t please well, here’s one example.

As I Am Leave-In Conditioner: The only leave-in I’ll use ever. Okay there’s maybe like ONE other but I don’t like the smell so…shrugs.

As I Am Cleansing Pudding: The product that has replaced my beloved coconut co-wash…for now. I recently reviewed it too.

ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo: If I’m shampoo’ing my hair, this is what I’m using. Period. I blogged about it before so you know it’s real.

ORS Replenishing Conditioner: One of my favorite conditioners hands down. I use this sometimes before my Hydration Elation conditioner. It works amazing paired with the Creamy Aloe Shampoo.

EcoStyler Gel: I mean, it’s ecostyler. I feel like this is self explanatory. Only thing I’ll note is I use the regular one. I used to use the Olive Oil one but I felt that when I used multiple products it tended to flake.

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat Invigorating Conditioner: I have a lot of conditioner I know, but girl, it’s key for natural hair. This is a recent addition and I’m still reviewing it but so far I like.

Coconut Oil: I use whatever brand I come across as long as it’s organic. This is my current one. Coconut oil is magical. It is. Just get some.

So that’s it! If you read my beauty resolutions post you know that the past couple of years have been me just figuring this natural hair thing out. Now that I’ve got it, I’m focused on growing the most epic fro ever ;).

What does your winter natural hair routine look like? Have you blogged it? Drop me a link or a comment Queen!

Stay Blessed Beautiful!

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    January 26, 2016 at 5:02 pm

    I love love love Coconut oil! A mist of water on my ends and coconut oil to seal!

    KLP @

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