3 Beauty Boutiques for the Girl Who Wants Something Different

3 Beauty Boutiques

Never the kind of girl to waste any time when it comes to beauty, it’s time to get to work on those 2016 beauty resolutions! Take that as my not so subtle way to say: I gotta go shopping. Like every good beauty blogger, my first instinct was to hit up my local Sephora and go. in. But, maybe it has something to do with my taste becoming more refined or maybe it’s my passion for discovering indie brands but, as excited as I am to go beauty shopping, I know what I’m looking for isn’t going to be found at a mainstream beauty store. These days I’m looking for something more.

I’m looking for beauty boutiques that offer something different.

Thankfully since I always have my eyes and ears in these (beauty) streets, when I sat down to think about alternative places to shop, it was easy to come up with three beauty boutiques off the top of my head that I wanted to try asap.

3 beauty boutiques

Vivrant Beauty

I kind of fell in love with Vivrant Beauty the moment I read an article that called it “the black girl Sephora.” The fact that it’s owned by a brown girl is just the icing on the cake. This Harlem based brick and mortar beauty boutique aims to serve women of all skin tones, nationalities and hair textures. It carries local and women owned brands including some faves that I’ve mentioned here before.

Peach & Lily

When the beauty world hops on a trend, you can either wait until it’s over or, hop on and ride the wave. I resisted the Korean beauty explosion for awhile because honestly, I didn’t understand it. But after reading an article about the Korean beauty boutique Peach & Lily, I got lost on their blog and my interest was piqued. I was especially intrigued because the only thing I love more than beauty is business and learning Alicia’s story about how she came to create this awesome niche beauty company AND secure a partnership with Macy’s? Beauty boss goals for real.

EcoDiva Beauty

I love when my clients introduce me to new things and this was definitely one of those happy discoveries. I was doing some freelance work (social media and blogging) with a luxury natural beauty brand which led me to discover EcoDiva beauty. It’s a digital destination for luxury green beauty. HELLO beauty resolution #4. I also found they carry a brown girl owned line of shaving products for women and was like whaatt? Intrigued for sure and will definitely be trying them out!

Have you tried any other beauty boutiques? Let me know so I can check them out!

Stay Blessed Beautiful!

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