2016 Beauty Resolutions

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Every year that I get closer to…you know…not being in my 20’s anymore, the more serious I get about my skin and beauty routines. I care more about what I’m putting on, how my skin is reacting to products, and pickier about how often I switch things up. With 2016 being my last year in my 20’s–omg cue anxiety–I am not playing any games. So just like I came up with a bunch of life and business goals, you better believe I came up with some with beauty resolutions too. 2016 will be the year of the glo’ up.

1.  Get serious about skin care.

My skin care routine, like everything I do, has always been very simple and I’m not looking to change that. What I’m trying to do is get more intentional and serious about my skin. I want to focus on quality products and a solid routine for fall/winter and spring/summer. This means I’ll have to do some real research, and some trial and error but, it’ll be worth it. I mean I’ll be 30 next year. My skin has to be right.

2. Focus on growing my natural hair.

For the past two years since I’ve been natural, my focus has been mainly on just figuring it out. Understanding my hair type, what kind of products it loves and doesn’t love. Creating a hair routine that didn’t take up hours on hours of my life each week. And the styles Queen the styles. But now that I’ve officially gotten a hang of this thing, I want to focus on growth. Less testing and trying and more sticking to what works and keeping my hair healthy so it can get to Instagram #hairgoals status.

3. Keep my nails on point.

So 2015 was the year I actually figured out how to grow my natural nails. I understand how dramatic that sounds but for real. For my whole life my natural nails have just been trash. Years of acrylic tips didn’t help the situation either. Just an all around mess. But last year I found a few nail product and a way to grow and retain length on my natural nails. This is so major even the hubs has noticed. Now that they are a nice length and healthy I’m excited to keep the polish game on point. I already have my eye on a few brands and colors that I need to try asap.

4. Start trending towards green beauty.

Note I said start and trending. You won’t see me trashing all my beloved products in the name of green beauty just yet but let’s just say…I’m aware. I have done my research and I understand. I have been more conscious about what I put in my hair, my body (umm so shopping organic for a family of 5 is crazy), and so naturally I’ve began to eye my makeup stash as well. This year I do want to get familiar and add some more green beauty products to my stash.

5. Discover more indie and brown girl owned brands.

This almost doesn’t even have to be a resolution because y’all already know I’m obsessed with finding indie, particularly brown girl owned, brands in general but when it comes to beauty–aside from hair products–I’ve been slacking. I want to discover more brown girl and indie beauty brands, share them with you because sharing is caring, and make my stash a bit less “mainstream” and more refined and reflective of me.

2016 Beauty Resolutions

Do you have any beauty resolutions for this year? Let me know what they are and let’s hold each other accountable this year Queen!

Stay Blessed Beautiful!



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