Her Life: Hello November

Hello November

I don’t what the future holds, but I know who holds the future.

10 down…2 more to go. How is it already November?? With only a couple months before the new year, it’s past time to really start working on what I want my 2016 to look like. LOTS of things are changing. Like my whole life basically. I’m not even being dramatic. Because of that, it’s super important now more than ever, for me to be intentional. Hmm…word for 2016 inspo maybe? *More about this epic life change to come…

One of the main things I’m working on now and throughout next year is writing more. And not just for a blog post or some client project that I’m working on, but writing freely. Just for the love of the nouns and verbs. I’ve shared one of GG Renee’s posts in a previous Love in Links, but in case you aren’t familiar with her blog, let’s just say it’s like chicken soup for a brown girl’s soul. She’s hosting a writing challenge for the month of November that I’m taking part of called #30days30layers. I won’t be sharing on the blog but I’ll be journaling everyday and sharing bits throughout the month on my Tumblr.

30 Days 30 Layers

If you’re looking for a good writing challenge this is it.  Don’t forget you can follow along through the month on my Tumblr–which is like a random collection of my thoughts so…obviously the perfect place to share.

Besides writing like my life depends on it, November will be spent focused on getting my life together so that I can head into 2016 right. There are so so so many loose ends hanging around right now and that ain’t no type of way to head into a new year. So letting go of some things, working on some new things, and focusing on some important things is what’s on my agenda. I’m ready, so let’s do this.

What do you have planned for this month? Happy November Queens.

Stay Blessed Beautiful,


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