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Love in Links 10.16

We made it! Happy Friyay Queens. Bringing back love in links. Woot! Sharing stories for brown girls, by brown girls, about brown girls…You get it Queens ;-).

Dear Creative Girl in the Corporate World…need I say more? ~ Eversoroco

I legit wasn’t even a fan of Hotline Bling until Erykah Badu. Shrugs. And now Vashtie deepened my obsession – XONecole

Can Tracee Ellis Ross get any more perfect? She wears Ruby Woo to work out. Likeeee she knows my life! – Into The Gloss

Finding a church home has been life changing. I can absolutely agree with the Ashley’s thoughts: Church matters! – WriteLaughDream

I’ve been kind of obsessed with this phenomenal site sharing stories of motherhood from the lens of women in color. I don’t even have one article to direct you to. Just check it out. – MaterMea

That’s it! Enjoy. I’ve been waiting on this weekend since Sunday. Yes, it was that kind of week. A weekend with the fam is on the agenda for me starting with the Sixers game to see the hubs, Goosebumps movie– I’m lowkey excited to see it—costume shopping and maybe a decoration or two. We’re STILL getting settled in (moving takes forever when you have you know, life to do) I’m just excited to get our new furniture this weekend. Fall decor hasn’t even been a passing thought and that makes me kinda sad.

Anything special planned this weekend? 

Stay blessed beautiful!


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    October 16, 2015 at 12:50 pm

    Hey! Thanks for including me in this list. I loved Ashley’s Church Matters too!

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