Her Life: On Redefining Balance

Her Life_Redefining_Balance_

Here’s my truth: When you’re chasing the dream, a paycheck, a toddler, the piles of laundry and dishes from taking over your house–there’s no such thing as the concept formerly known as balance.

In the pursuit of the dream, combined with the realities of my life, trying to obtain this mystical idea of balance had me in a constant state of “failure”. Why failure? Because every day I set off to achieve balance. If somehow I could just write a blog post, get to work on time, make dinner, spend time with the hubs and kids, and finish some client work–everyday–I would be balanced. I would split my time equally between every thing I had to do and life would be smooth and happy. Well my reality is, it never happens that way. Because there’s more to this blog than just writing posts, there’s more to my 9-5 than just getting there on time, every evening my family needs something different, and building a business takes more than finishing client projects. There’s more to this life than checking off boxes, doing a bunch of things ok, and not doing anything really well.

I’m the kind of person who internalizes things so setting this imaginary goal of balance and not being successful at it started to take a toll me. I’m just trying to be successful in my business and present for my loved ones. But the demand of my to do list and this faux balance wouldn’t let me be great. Changes had to come if I was going to make it through any of this.

Eventually I realized that balance as the world and Pinterest quotes like to tell you, is less about things being equal and really about prioritizing. Doing the things that need to be done, being okay with the things that don’t, and feeling content and confident that each day you are making progress. That’s balance for me. Every day, every thing isn’t going to get my equal attention. It shouldn’t and that’s okay.

What does balance look like to you? Do you achieve it daily or have any tips on making it all work?

Stay Blessed Beautiful!


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    September 5, 2015 at 8:11 am

    I don’t achieve balance and I am finally okay with that. Some days my kids and husband may get all of my time and little work and other days it will be vice versa. Balance is an illusion and I think we hinder ourselves when we try to fit the mold of what society says balance looks like.

    With anything balance needs to be defined by us. When I don’t feel like cleaning, I don’t. Then there are times when I just feel like cleaning and that’s when I do it. Daily I make a list of things I need to do. Days when it is more heavy with children I just try to squeeze in the other stuff. I think the key to attempting balance is planning to see where your time is going. When I started planning I realized that I was wasting a lot of time and since then I’ve been doing better.

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    September 24, 2015 at 7:54 pm

    Hey Tyshia,
    I love this post!!!! I’ve been researching the idea of perfect balance in life. I’ve found that sometimes in my life I have periods of downtime and then periods of working like crazy and then times where I have time for both relax and work and it’s miraculously balanced for a week or a season and I found that the chaos and the bustle of life though crazy it’s balance.

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