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Summer Style: Chic Bathing Suits by Brown Girl Designers

Chic Bathing Suits

Because ya girl doesn’t really do the bikini thing, I’m forever on the look out for bathing suits that not only give a little coverage but actually look cute as well. Last summer finding high waisted bikini and chic one pieces was a challenge but I found a few cute ones so I was a happy mama. This year, the search was on again but I just knew there had to be some brown girl designers that had exactly what I was looking for so I hit the gram and twitter and found a couple superrrr dope bathing suits that will be taking all my coins this summer. All of em.



Andrea Iyamah_Tapiwa

How freaking cute is this high waist two piece by Andrea Iyamah. Besides the pattern just being just my style, the design provides a nice amount of coverage for someone like me. I don’t know too much about the brand but what I gather from the website it’s “ethnic with a modern twist”. Their Instagram is full of brown beach girl visual inspiration. It’s love!


Zubaida Zang_Hadiya Monokini

I mean if you’re going to do a one piece this is the way to do it. This monokini by Zubaida Zang is Simple. Chic. Everything. I actually had trouble picking just one piece from this brands collection because every piece on their site is just gorgeous! But realistically for me, this is definitely something I’d rock. Oh and of course, get into their Instagram as well. Summer inspiration all day.

What kind of bathing suits will you be rocking this summer?

Stay blessed beautiful!



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