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Spiritual Sunday: Finding Peace in Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiates 3-11

My Bible study generally goes one of three ways: 1.) My Pastor preaches on a scripture that resonates with me and I want to gain more insight. 2.) My Joyce Myer: Promises for Your Everyday Life – a Daily Devotional Bible Plan leads me to a scripture that speaks to me. Or 3.) I come across a scripture–never randomly because I believe “coincidences” are really the universe’s way of showing you that you are on the correct path–that I am not familiar with and I need to know more. I’m not sure which path led me to come across the book of Ecclesiastes but I studied it for weeks, pouring over the details, and finding a deep resonating peace from it to the point where I reference it frequently.

From my experience, Ecclesiastes isn’t one of the more popular books and some people who are familiar with it might not be the most fond of it and may even wonder what it is that I find comfort in. Because if we are being quite honest here, it’s a pretty solemn book in the Bible. For those who aren’t familiar, Ecclesiates is the story of preacher and King, Solomon who ponders over the purpose of life. It opens with describing all the circumstances of life, from mourning to celebration, ultimately conveying that there is a time for every activity under the sun.

Why do I find peace in this book? Well, I struggle a lot with anxiety. It’s one of the most difficult challenges of my life. When things are going good, I’m worrying about what’s going to happen. I’m always feeling like the ball is going to drop or something is going to go wrong. I constantly feel overwhelmed and that I’m not getting enough done. I can analyze everything to the point where I think no decision is the right decision. It gets deep y’all. But what I found in Ecclesiastes is just the most simplest of ideas about life. Solomon says that everything is “Meaningless”. And while some may find that disheartening, I find it peaceful. All of these things in life, these decisions, these goals, these appointments and projects, things I want to buy or do…all of things that cause my anxiety to go from 0 to 100…really are meaningless. In the end, will any of those things matter?

This simple idea about life helps me to find peace in the moment for what that moment is. My anxiety is rooted in worrying over what may happen, not what will happen, or even what is happening now. I was put here to fulfill a specific purpose and I know that I will accomplish that. My focus should always be on God and everything else is well…”a chasing after the wind”.

That’s what I get from Ecclesiastes and it’s comforting. It’s peaceful. Sometimes we find comfort in the most unlikely places. What scriptures do you reference to bring you peace?

Stay blessed beautiful!


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