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Festival Season + Making Decisions

Festival Season

A few weeks backs the hubs and I welcomed our official start to festival season here in Philly. I absolutely love this time of year and Philly has no shortage of street fests, music fests, food fests throughout the Spring and Summer. This year we decided to make a point of getting out and about and enjoying our city more and what perfect time to start than attending the South St. Spring Festival.

Festival Season

Packed is an understatement but it was a nice day. We walked the 8 block strip along South St, grabbed some food, ate lunch on the grass at Front St and watched the kids play to their hearts content.

It’s funny because leading up to the time we finally decided to head out to the festival I was fighting this internal struggle. That very same day, the Philadelphia Natural Hair Show was in town and I felt like I should be there. I’m a beauty blogger with natural hair and one that is trying to make this writing thing–both through my blog and freelance work–my main thing so everything in me felt that I should be there. But between working my day job and spending all of my free time working on my dream job, I felt like on the first really nice weekend full of festivals in my city I should spend the day with my loves. It was a tough decision but I’m happy I did what I did!

Festival Season

At the end of the day I feel like you gotta do what’s important and as a mother, wife, who just so happens to be building this dream on the side, sometimes sacrifices have to made. This particular weekend that was no work and all play and I would have had it no other way.

Festival Season

Stay blessed beautiful!



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