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Spiritual Sunday: Listen

Habakkuk 2_2-3

One of the biggest obstacles I face in my personal walk of life and spirituality is learning to really LISTEN. You know, not just like listen with my ears because that part is easy, but really listen to the messages and direction God is trying to tell me. Life is so busy and full of noise. Distractions are everywhere and sometimes trying to find my way through it all to the stuff that MATTERS is hard.

Last week was a particularly rough one for me. One of those where I was having trouble deciphering the message. You see, there is something…life changing in the works. Something to do with that grand vision I talked about earlier. And it’s so close I can feel it. You might ask how I know. That’s easy. Faith. The hard part is the process. And during this process it’s been getting harder and harder to drown out the noise. Figuring out my next steps gets more difficult which each, next step I take.

It’s during times like this when I’m searching the most desperately for the message. For the guidance. What to do? Listen. Because when you truly focus on God and Listen, you will receive the message. In this case for me, it was the answer. It was acknowledgement. It was confirmation. It was “I got you”. It was “just wait on it”. It was all of that. In a scripture. That I’ve never read before, appearing at the very exact moment I was questioning what’s next the most. Ask and you shall receive.

Stay blessed beautiful!



Tyshia Shante

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