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Hey beauties! I feel like it’s been awhile since I just wrote here about life. Maybe it’s because I missed my monthly update on the 1st, or maybe it’s because my entire life outside of the blog has been completely consumed with creating beauty content for my (growing) clientele. Either way I feel like I haven’t been very personal here on this personal beauty and lifestyle blog so I just wanted to take a break really quick and ya know…check in with you. Queen to Queen.

Lots of exciting things are happening and you know what that means…aka BUSY. This Brown Queen turns two this month and I’m working on finalizing the details for a new look. Besides that, I’m also trying to plan one of those cute shoots to celebrate the event (the verdict is still out on that one) and of course my super emotional post about how much I love y’all and how far this little blog has come. More about that later.

In other spaces on the internet, if you aren’t following me on Twitter or Instagram (which I know you totally are because we’re cool like that) you might have missed a freaking awesome series on a fellow Philly bloggers site Write Laugh Dream about #GrowingintoGrace. Seven amazing and inspiring bloggers were featured to share “5 things they know for sure” and THIS Brown Queen was one of them. Sneak peek below but you have got to visit Write Laugh Dream to see the rest!

What I know for Sure

Besides getting featured amongst awesome talent, I have been working insanely hard behind the scenes of the blog and stepping outside of my comfort zone in ways I would have never imagined. From signing new clients (visit my contact page for deets), to working on collaborations with some dope brands, to landing a speaking opportunity for a pretty big natural hair event…it’s kind of insane when I think about it. I tell you all that to say this: When there is a dream in your spirit, you have got to go for it. Unapologetically. With no regrets. Do the work and the rest will follow. I can literally attest to this directly from my life.

And in not so amazing news, because I believe in transparency, I’ve been battling anxiety something crazy these last couple of months. With so much going on it’s been a daily struggle to basically not lose my shit. Feeling mentally spent after long hours at the day job, switching into full on mommy/wife mode in the evenings, and spending my nights, early mornings and weekends building the dream…I was approaching critical levels. After seriously almost losing it completely and a CHILL OUT conversation with my soul sister…I had to really sit back and look at my life, what I was doing, and what was important. ME. As Queens we tend to put ourselves last on our list–if we even make it on there at all. Take it from me. Take care of yourselves first!

Thanks for rocking with me beauties. More beauty, life, and style posts coming next week. I just need my camera to be great so I can take these pics for y’all ;-).

Stay blessed beautiful!



Tyshia Shante

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