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Love in Links: February

Love in Links_February

Month flew by. Blinked and you might have missed. I think I’m just going to stop even referring to how fast every month is flying by in my love in links post and monthly updates because… that is life now. We should embrace it. And hey… we’re one month closer to Spring. I need it to arrive. BADLY. So I’m not sad at all to come out on the other side of this weekend in March. Leaving you all with a few great links to take you through the weekend!

Why to Mother with Style | Sarah Ann Noel: I recently came across Latonya Yvette and immediately added her to my bloglovin. Her pictures are breathtaking and I love how she seamlessly blends style and motherhood on her blog. AND her kids are adorable! I find myself literally on her blog daily but this post resonated with me so much. Being a mom and staying true to yourself… challenge is an understatement. Mommy readers you will love this.

Are Passport Stamps the New Paper Bag Test: A bit different than my normal links which are usually blogger based but I read this article on and I was just like… yes. The comment section was divided (reading comments is a brave thing to do queens lol) but I enjoyed the article and the thoughts. Black travel is becoming more accessible and attainable and fortunately so. I have a few stamps myself and my husband has some even cooler than mine (with Visas attached… you better dance boo!) and TravelNoire is one of my favorite Instagram accounts but this article did have some interesting points.

We Are Black History: In probably the most gorgeous photo series ever, the new Style Influencers Group created this amazing series of pictures featuring some top digital influencers of color. In this tribute to Black History Month these women recreated images of some of the most influential black women in history. From Rosa, to Maya, to Coretta. I was literally in awe.

Sultry Summer: Speaking of breathtaking photos, thank you Marie for this editorial collage of photos that has me literally aching for summer days. I’m officially on mission get my life right after this post. Oh and gorgeous brown girl fabulousness. Get into to it.

Enjoy your weekend beauties! Anything special planned?

Stay blessed beautiful!



Tyshia Shante



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    Marie of Glo
    February 28, 2015 at 1:30 am

    I need to check out that Passport post 🙂

    Thanks for sharing from GLO!

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