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A Tribute: Martin Luther King Jr.

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I thought a long time about how to celebrate such a legendary man here. It’s rare that I’m at a loss for words but mother Oprah had me in all types of my feelings after watching her #LegendsWhoPavedTheWay event on OWN last night. Listening to the stories of these men and women at the forefront of a movement that…if it were not for them…I would not have the opportunities available to me today was POWERFUL. I’m STILL picking up my emotions off the floor. What hit home the hardest were the images though. The pictures of the march to Selma. The stories of the bridge on Bloody Sunday. Photos eerily similar to our own current day events. Yes… in 2015.

The marches and protests around our nation are sadly so timely to such a monumental point in history. It brings to light that though we have come so far… there is so much further to go. So this quote (of many) is so perfect for this day of SERVICE. Honoring MLK and the many that stood with him… where do you stand today?

If you’re in Philly, I hope you are planning to take part in #ReclaimMLKPHL! Join the MLK day march of Action, Resistance, and Empowerment. The march starts at 1:30 on Broad St and you can find all the details on the #ReclaimMLKPHL Facebook page. If you can’t attend there’s a Go Fund Me page to show your support or visit and make a donation.

Whatever you do today, however you spend your time… reflect on the legacy, the man, the movement.  Look at where we are now… and decide to make a difference.

Stay blessed beautiful!



Tyshia Shante

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