Her Life: Hello November


Happy November beauties! Yes. November. What?! I must be going crazy because I legitimately don’t know where October went. Like for real. I feel like I barely blinked and here we are BOOM. November 1st.

Last month was major for me. October has always been my favorite month ;). I got a pretty big freelance client that was completely out of my comfort zone and really pushed me to my limits. I was nervous… and downright scared but I did it. And it was successful. I know we all hear the motivational sayings about fear and that’s nice and everything but when it comes to your real life… it can be daunting to face your fears in the flesh. Speaking from actual experience now, it’s truly something to be said for doing the things you’re scared to do.

In case you don’t follow me on Twitter  (that’s not a plug… but it’s a plug lol) I wrote an article on Black and Married With Kids, about being a more conscious parent. Kind of a big deal for me as I’ve been a LONG time reader of the site and I really enjoy writing about parenting. Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts and I love to share my insight, trials, and triumphs on parenting 3 boys! Please check it out!

Edit: OH YEA! And how did I completely miss adding that I scored my first piece in a print magazine. Yaaasss! I wrote an article on natural hair for a salon mag and I’m beyonddd excited about that as well :). See told ya, October was major!

As for  blog news, I’ve been making some changes here behind the scenes. I switched hosts which was crazy, my layout is a little off so I’m also working on getting a new theme, and I’ve been trying to clean up and reorganize my archives. March will mark my 2nd year of blogging and I’m focused on taking things to the next level so you’ll see my 4th baby (aka This Brown Queen) grow and change during these last few months of the year. Oh! And I’m participating in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month) which means there will be a post…. every day… for the month of November. Yes! Talk about challenging myself and pushing to new limits.

And for me, thank God for grandparents… it’s date night! Let’s make this month great!

Stay blessed beautiful!




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