So maybe this post is premature because I’ve never tried any of NYX’s products, but if you’ve watched any of the beauty Youtube guru’s you’ve heard of NYX. From what I’ve learned this is an affordable, very popular, quality cosmetic line that rivals some top brands. Yes. Even our beloved M.A.C. Again, Queens this is hearsay because I’ve never tried NYX myself. Why not? One of the downfalls of NYX is that it is primarily based online. Store presence has been scarce from what I’ve seen and researched. I know the Ulta in my city carries NYX but that’s about a good 20 minute ride for me and I just don’t always have time for that. This is why I’m a Target and Walgreens junkie! They are so conveniently located ;). I’ve been anxious to get my hands on some NYX products since I first started immersing myself in the beauty world. There’s just something about buying cosmetics that I have NO experience with online that leaves me wary. Even though the Youtube guru’s swear by it…I’ve been holding off, opting to order palettes and such for my freelance work online instead.

HOWEVER, yesterday evening while browsing my local beauty store for natural hair products I stumbled across a NYX display…I got closer. NYX? Like NYX NYX? You know because everyone knows if you say something twice you’re for real! I wanted to go HAM! But I’m on a beauty budget :(. BOOOO I know. But Queens, for real, I have a problem. So I regained my composure…May I add that I only stopped in the store to see what natural hair products they carried while my oldest son was in Karate class. So I was wearing baby Joey, while Shawn and I walked down to  the store. Shawn thought he was a Karate kid from the few minutes he watched his brother’s class so he was PUMPED and baby was irritable because I woke him up from his nap to strap him on me…then I had the nerve to lose it when I seen the NYX display…prolonging this crazy scene because I pulled out my phone and started researching “Best NYX products”. *Le sigh* I love being a mom :). Moving along, I regained my composure and told myself I’d purchase 3 items…of course I bought 6 butttt who’s counting?

Here’s my mini haul:

NYX haulNyx concealer

1. The NYX round lipstick in Peach Bellini. 2. Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean. 3.  Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. 4.  Lip Liner Pencil in Natural. 5. Eyeliner in LCL 105 6. Concealer jar in Tan.

I’ve already tried a few of these out to see how they work. I won’t say anything yet until I do an actual look. I am TOO excited!

Oh how I love make up…


This Brown Queen

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    NYX Haul Review | This Brown Queen
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