Favorite Things: Natural Hair Edition

Favorite Things Natural Hair Edition Main

TGIT! I feel like I haven’t talked about my hair here in foreverrr. Truth is, I admire you natural hair bloggers. I put so much time and energy in just getting the fro together… you want me to now blog about how I did it?? It’s not easy. So to my favorite natural hair bloggers, I appreciate you! But because I did start this journey on the blog it’s only right to give you all an update but rather than the normal regimen of what I use, and how I use it (which I will do before the month is over promise!), I thought I’d do a favorite things because I’ve given up on monthly favorites. Oh and there may or may not be a giveaway at the end ;).

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Love in Links


The first Monday of November! And I’m all thrown off lol. Fingers crossed this isn’t the way my month will continue. Between my site not acting right since the change to the second cold and sinus issue in two months…I’m just like, can I catch a break though? Le sigh. Anyways better late than never right? Leaving you with a few good links from the past month.

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Spiritual Sunday: Pray in Your Own Way

Spiritual Sunday_Pray in Your Own Wasy

Happy Super Soul Sunday beauties!Growing up and even in my early adult years, I always had this rigid view of prayer. Kneeling, head bowed, hands closed together, speaking words to God. I pray this way on most days. I think there’s something powerful about coming to Him in the most traditional way. I also am a firm believer in speaking things into existence so I really do feel there is power in your words to Him. As I got older though, I felt there was something missing yet I could never quite put my finger on what it was.

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