A Perfect Nude Lipstick for Brown Girls: Maybelline Touchable Taupe

Perfect Nude Lipstick for Brown Girls

Finding that perfect nude lipstick is everything. I’m telling you. I have spent so much money on nude lipsticks that just don’t look good on me it’s sad. There definitely is some secret formula to getting that perfect match and while I’m not sure what that universal formula may be just yet, I do think I’ve finally narrowed it down for a brown girl like me. And I’ve found the perfect nude lipstick for my skintone. It’s Maybelline’s Touchable Taupe and it’s amazingggg.

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A Newsletter You Need in Your Inbox: All Black Girl Everything.

All Black Girl Everything

We are living in the digital age where I’d rather give someone my phone number before I gave them my email address. Okay maybe that was a little dramatic but you get my drift. Let’s be honest, email addresses are kinda a big deal (my digital/creative/entrepreneurs get me). And as obsessed as you are with the countless new blogs, brands, and websites you’ve discovered in the past week month…your email just might explode if you add another subscription to the list. That’s why I’m such a huge fan of blog following sites like Bloglovin. I can follow my digital besties without overloading my inbox. But every now and again there’s a blog or company that offers a newsletter and you gotta decide what to do. While I can’t make that decision for you, what I can do is tell you some of my favorite newsletters (by brown girls) that are absolutely, totally, and completely worth the subscription. Enter: All Black Girl Everything.

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Unboxing! CurlBOX NATURAL

IMG_20150320_151057 (1)

{Cue dramatics} It brings me great joy and so much pleasure to announce I’ve officially received my first curlBOX. Yes it’s that serious and Yes I’m dramatic, but this has been a long time coming. I, like many of my natural haired Queens, have been eyeing this cult fave subscription box for curly girls for months. Never in time to get on the list. I always see the Instagram post an hour too late. But one unlikely Saturday morning I was up early and scrolling the gram when I saw the post that not only was there going to be a curlBOX available in a few minutes but it also was a curlBOX Natural box which is the initial one that drove me to the curlBOX site in the beginning. I logged onto the site patiently sipping my Chai and when the curlBox Natural March 2015 // Volume VII popped up…well you already know ;).

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Spiritual Sunday: Listen

Habakkuk 2_2-3

One of the biggest obstacles I face in my personal walk of life and spirituality is learning to really LISTEN. You know, not just like listen with my ears because that part is easy, but really listen to the messages and direction God is trying to tell me. Life is so busy and full of noise. Distractions are everywhere and sometimes trying to find my way through it all to the stuff that MATTERS is hard.

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Her Life: Catching Up


Hey beauties! I feel like it’s been awhile since I just wrote here about life. Maybe it’s because I missed my monthly update on the 1st, or maybe it’s because my entire life outside of the blog has been completely consumed with creating beauty content for my (growing) clientele. Either way I feel like I haven’t been very personal here on this personal beauty and lifestyle blog so I just wanted to take a break really quick and ya know…check in with you. Queen to Queen.

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Beauty Shopping: NYX Haul

NYX Haul

This weather currently taking over my city O_O. Spring where art thou?? I’ve definitely been dealing with the winter blues (and a mild case of PMS…yep…I said it) so in lieu of drinking a bottle of wine I did some retail therapy. Two rounds of beauty shopping is sure to cure even the toughest winter blues right? First up, Ulta for basically every NYX item they had. I kid. I kid. I do wish though.

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