Boss Brown Girl: Cortnee Love

I'm not bossy, I'm the boss

Happy Monday beauties! I’m kicking off the week with a new monthly series I’m starting here on This Brown Queen featuring some…well…brown queens that are doing awesome and great things. One of the reasons I started the blog (besides needing a reason to justify my makeup addiction) was that I wanted this to be a place to celebrate brown girls and empower women and I think this monthly series in addition to my spotlights on dope, chic, amazing brown brands will help me get closer to that mission. SO for the very first feature I talked to (my soul sister) Cortnee Love who is an actress, TV Host,  Christian writer, and all around boss brown girl. I asked her about everything from getting into acting to obstacles in the film industry as a woman of color. She’s amazing. I promise :). Continue reading

Beauty Review: Black Radiance Soft Focus Finishing Powder + Chat

Beauty Review: Black Radiance Soft Focus Finishing Powder

Beauties!!! Happy Saturday welcome to my extremelyyy long overdue review of the Black Radiance Soft Focus Finishing Powder. I have a good reason though! This year one of my goals was to finally dabble into having video content aka a Youtube channel as part of This Brown Queen so I decided to jump right in and do my first video reviewing the Black Radiance Soft Focus Finishing Powder. Well… Youtube is hard and editing is a whole new world. The whole thing was an EXPERIENCE to say the least. But I made it work. So there’s a review there. And a review here. And I’m even going to chat with you all about my debut into the video world because, ya’ll are my friends and I believe in transparency and sharing this journey with you all. But first! The review :).

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Dope Brown Brand: The Wrap Life

The Wrap Life

For those of you who know me, either via the blog, in real life, or on the gram…you know my love affair with head wraps is real. Transitioning, they saved me from going crazy! And now fully natural, many a days come around that my fro is just too much to handle and again, head wraps save the day. But besides just being my go to hair accessory for bad, busy, lazy difficult hair days, nothing sets my afrocentric minimalist chic style (is that even a thing?) off like a head wrap. I came across this dope brand on Instagram (where else??) and fell in love. Not only with the wraps which are gorgeous, but the whole vibe of the brand. Just my type!

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A Tribute: Martin Luther King Jr.

untitled (2)

I thought a long time about how to celebrate such a legendary man here. It’s rare that I’m at a loss for words but mother Oprah had me in all types of my feelings after watching her #LegendsWhoPavedTheWay event on OWN last night. Listening to the stories of these men and women at the forefront of a movement that…if it were not for them…I would not have the opportunities available to me today was POWERFUL. I’m STILL picking up my emotions off the floor. What hit home the hardest were the images though. The pictures of the march to Selma. The stories of the bridge on Bloody Sunday. Photos eerily similar to our own current day events. Yes… in 2015.

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Beauty Secret: The Best Makeup Remover…Ever.

Best Makeup Remover

Happy Sunday beauties! Today is my normal “get my life together routine”. You know what they say, a Sunday well spent brings a week of content. Last night while doing my normal make down routine, I had such a moment of pure joy at the ease of removing my makeup that I decided it needed a whole post. Yes, a whole post dedicated to the best makeup remover. Hands down. Ever in life. Period. And you have it. Yup even though I don’t know what’s in your beauty stash I know you have it. Because it’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Her Life: And the Word for 2015 is…

2015 Word of the Year

ACTION. I feel like January is a month full of ambition and optimism for the new year. It’s a month of new beginnings and I’m thoroughly enjoying all of the inspiration and motivation I’m seeing around on all my favorite blogs. The one thing that’s been pretty popular is deciding on your personal word for the year. From Progress to Faith it’s truly a joy to see what everyone is looking to accomplish and focus on in the new year. I thought I would spend this Saturday sharing with you all my word for 2015, some awesome quotes about action, and what it all means for THIS brown queen.

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Her Life: Beauty Resolutions for 2015!

2015 Beauty Resolutions

We are in our first full week of 2015 and I could not be more excited. I’m determined to make this year one of the greatest yet and I’m praying for the same for all of you! While I did do a 2014 recap post, I haven’t shared my personal and professional goals for this year here on the blog. I’ve been sharing my monthly updates so that’s the way I’ll share the journey with you all here. BUT in the spirit of the new year and resolutions I DID want to share my beauty resolutions with you. Can y’all be my accountability partners? Lol for real for real. I’m serious…

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