Happy Halloween: Makeup Muses

Happy Halloween

Every year I tell myself I’m going to I’m going to do one of those really dramatic and totally creepy makeup looks for Halloween. Last year I even went as far as to pick up face paint and accessories. Welp. I have yet to do one. I’m just too busy trying to make sure Captain America has his mask and getting the right TMNT costume because I still don’t know which color Raphael is. I’m kidding. Red…he’s the red one…right? Mommy life. Continue reading

Style Files: Fall Wish List

Fall Style Wish List 2014

As excited as I am about it being Fall, sadly my wardrobe was BARELY ready for the chilly 50 degree weather that hit Philly last week. Where does the time go? I really thought I had a little longer to get my Fall wardrobe together but…no. Over the weekend I did some very light shopping to pick up some staples but there are of course there are items that I haven’t gotten yet. Not exactly staples but definitely closet essentials. I’ve already put a few things on my Nordstrom wish list, you know, just in case the Mr. is feeling generous again!

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Beauty Faves: Drugstore Lipsticks for Fall + Winter

Fall lipstick cover 2

I might be biased seeing as though Fall is my favorite season, but there really is nothing better than dark sultry makeup. I take full advantage of the cold months to wear as much dark lipstick as I possibly can. So it’s only right I make a post about it right? That and it gives me an excuse take all the selfies I want. I’m working after all ;). Best part of all? You can get all of these vamp babies for under $8. Yasss hunny! Continue reading

{Philly} Event Alert: Cupcakes & Conversations


Philly loves! Spreading the word about another event in the city. My blogger bae Lissa invited me to a panel discussion this coming Saturday, October 25. She’ll be on the panel discussing all things blogging, social media marketing, and building your business online with a couple other fellow Philly Bloggers. If you’re in the area this Saturday be sure to check it out! You get can tickets for the event here.

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Bittersweet Beauty: L’Oreal Acquires Carol’s Daughter

In case you didn’t know (which I’m sure you already do seeing as though every industry outlet, magazine, blog, and website covered it) Lisa Price, founder of “cult” favorite brand Carol’s Daughter, sold the company yesterday to L’Oreal. A move that sent… well everybody… in their feelings. At first I wasn’t going to write about it, but I really did want to share my brief thoughts so here we are. But first, here’s what Lisa Price had to say about her big deal.

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